Simple ways to escape from Heart attack at work

Heart attack can be fatal especially if you are not aware of its symptoms. Know the symptoms of heart attack and be protect your life.

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According to the Indian Heart Association, “50% of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 50 years of age and 25% of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 40 years of age”. This statistics simply indicates that substantial people under the working age group are at a greater risk of heart attack. This could be attributed to poor lifestyle that leads to various ailments and heart attack being one of the top most on the charts. 

Although it is important to eat healthy and embrace a lifestyle that pushes you to exercise regularly; simultaneously, you must also be aware of the symptoms of heart attack. At times when you feel pain in the chest, or abdominal pain and many more symptoms alike, do not ignore them. You might be in the trap of heart attack. When the attack stuck, minutes matter! Fast action can save your own life. Many people surrender to life because they aren’t aware of the symptoms and therefore they are not in the position to call for help.

So before you learn the symptoms of heart attack, take a minute to understand the concept of this issue and why it happens.

What is Heart Attack?

Heart Attacks are silent. They are like guerrilla wars. Hence it is important to watch out for them! Basically, when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked, the interrupted blood flow cause damage or destroys part of the heart muscle.

Now that you know that interrupted blood flow causes attack, you must also know that inactive lifestyle, longer sitting jobs and increasing stress levels cause this interruption. Adding to your woes, people addicted to tobacco and alcohol, are more prone to heart diseases. 

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Symptoms of Heart Attack

The symptoms of heart attack vary among individuals. Even the intensity of pain or pressure also varies. But there are some common signs that indicate if a person is in danger. Read on to find out:

1. Uneasiness and pain

The most visible symptom of heart attack is chest pain that causes uncontrollable discomfort. Your chest would start to tighten or squeeze. You will experience aching sensation in the left side of your chest. This indicates that your heart muscle isn’t getting enough supply of oxygen.

When this happens, do not panic! Breathe in and out heavily and let your heart get sufficient supply of oxygen. If the pain starts to spread in your arms and thereafter across your neck, jaw and back, then immediately call for help.

2. Nausea and vomiting

You will gradually experience gastrointestinal problems. Feeling sick on your stomach and frequent burping is also associated with a heart attack.

3. Pain in the Upper back

Another alarming sign is pain in upper back. You will experience stark pain between the shoulder blades of your body.

4. You will fall short of breath

If you start to gasp for air, or find it difficult to breathe then in medical terms you will suffer from dyspnea. It is not mandatory that shortness of breath will only occur if you have chest pain. It can also occur otherwise.

5. Sudden cold sweat will overwhelm you

You might even break out in a cold sweat. People suffering from heart attack have often complained of this symptom. Perspiration is not a common sign to all but it occasionally is observed among some.

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6. Fatigue will creep in

If you get physically exhausted with little exercise, for say while climbing stairs or running, then it is a warning sign. If you had no problem doing taking such sort of physical pain in the past and now you feel more fatigued, immediately consult a doctor. 

Lifestyle management will surely play a greater role in boasting heart health. With intense work demands you must not ignore exercising in your daily schedule. Take a brisk walk of half an hour whenever you feel comfortable. Even lack of sleep is another catalyst of poor heart health.

While you are loaded with tons of files on your desk, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of heart attack. It will not just save your life but of others as well. Life is precious and everyone deserves a chance to live it to the fullest.

Share this article with your near and dear ones to spread awareness about the symptoms of heart attack. Every life is precious, put your best foot forward to save it. To receive more tips on managing health and office life, stay tuned with us at

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