Tips to boosting Self Confidence in college students

Being confident and believing in your abilities is an essential attribute for college students. Here are some tips to help you boost your confidence levels.

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Tips to boosting Self Confidence in college students
Tips to boosting Self Confidence in college students

College life is all about new beginnings for a student. The environment of a college campus varies greatly from that of a high school. Academic challenges that students face in college are far greater than what they were accustomed to that in school. Settling in the new environment and to successfully steer their boat in the challenges posed by the college life students need to build up their confidence level.

In the highly competitive environment of college there is little room for doubt and having a strong self-esteem and self-confidence are the key to success. College life means meeting various new people and establishing various kinds of new relationships. To ensure that they are healthy and conflict free you require a strong level of self-confidence.  

But the big question here is how to build this strong self-esteem and self-confidence in yourself? Well, here are some simple steps to aid you in the process.  

Encourage Positive Thoughts

Always encourage yourself to have positive thoughts. Low level of confidence often leads to negative thoughts on everything. Even if the person in front of you didn't mean it as an accusation, you would happen to consider it one. Low confidence level or low self-esteem often makes people interpret things in a bad way. 

Don't Compare Yourself To others

Remember that the only competition that you have is the one that you have with your own self. Never compare yourself with others be it your roommate, your best friend, or even the topper in your class. Focus your energy on being the best you can be and keep telling yourself that you are the best version of yourself. Trying to copy your friends persona is nothing but like betting on the losing horse.  

Take comments constructively

Inculcating in yourself the ability to ability to take criticisms constructively is very important to survive in college. If there is something that you could gain from the others critique of you, you should definitely do that. Never think of it as a bad thing and go on to ignore it. Especially when it comes from your professors all they are trying to do is point out your mistakes for you to improve upon. Having learnt the art of taking criticism constructively is a major step ahead in boosting your self-confidence. 

Avoid Missing Classes

Make sure that you regular in your all your classes. Missing out on classes would lead to poor understanding of the topics and difficulty in following through the ongoing lecture. Moreover, it would also affect your confidence level in the class. For if you are unable to perform in a subject  you'd feel conscious and nervous leading to poor self-confidence. You would also face difficulty while preparing for written exams or practical and viva exams of the subject.    

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Avoid the bubble busters

Bubble busters are the people who no matter what always tend to find something wrong even in the moments of your achievements. Such people are all around us and at times happen to be the people most close to us. For example, for some students these people can be their parents or other family members while still for others it could be their professors or mentors. Try to steer clear of such people as you can't just go on to avoiding them. Focus your thoughts on their positive comments as for the negative comments try to take them constructively, if possible.

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Turn off the little voice

People with low self-confidence or low self-esteem often experience a nagging voice at the back of their mind telling them that they are not good enough. That everyone here is more qualified than you and other such negative thoughts. You'll need to learn to avoid this voice if you want to succeed at college. Keep telling yourself that you can do this. There is a lot that you have achieved before coming to college. You have secured for yourself an admission in to the college and if you didn't had what it takes to succeed you wouldn't have been admitted to the college.

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Realize you're not alone

Never commit the mistake of believing that you are the only one. Majority of students around you are going through the same phase of self-doubt. It is a very common thing for students for students to experience in the early years of college life. Think of it as if you are experiencing doubt it is a good thing as it will keep you from making mistakes.

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In Summation

College life is one of the best experiences of a student's life. You gain new experiences, learn new things and experiment with various others. College is a time when most students find their passions and discover means and ways to pursue their dreams. It lays the foundation for their professional life. Developing self-confidence and self-esteem is a very big part of this process. These simple tips and methods mentioned above can help give a big boost to your confidence level. For more such tips on personality development and other tips about college life , please visit Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below. Liked this article? Please share it among your friend and peers.

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