Words Students Should Never Use In a Job Interview

Preparing for interviews? Check out this the list of words that one should avoid making use of during interviews.

Created On: Jan 21, 2020 15:44 IST
Words Students Should Never Use In a Job Interview
Words Students Should Never Use In a Job Interview

Interviews are an intricate part of the student life these days. From college admissions to looking for an internship and even when applying for job opportunities, college students are required to give interviews at every step. But no matter how adept a student feels that they have become at giving interviews a feeling of nervousness and anxiety grips everyone outside the interview room. Once you step into the room the decision lies solely in the hands of your interviewer you can only do your best to convince them to give you the opportunity.

In most cases, the interviewers already have a perception of the person in mind having gone through their CV, resume or portfolios. Based on that they evaluate the person's personality and try to gauze if the claims made in the resume and cv are actually true. You need to use the words that affirm your identity that you have presented in your resume or cv. Thus, here is a list of some words that one should avoid using during an interview.


Hate is a very strong negative emotion and first instinct in most people upon hearing such words is to steer clear of the person having them. When you are meeting a person for the first time especially in the setting like that of a job interview try to avoid such words. For during an interview, the employer wants to hear about your strengths, the positive aspects of your personality and your ability to handle tricky solutions. Using a word like hate would give off vibes where the interviewer would perceive you as a 'high-risk candidate.'


Words like basically and actually are the most commonly used word fillers. They have become a part of our day to language but using them in a professional conversation like that of an interview is highly advised against. You might feel tempted to use it as a prelude to the sentence while talking about your achievement but try and hold back the urge. Also, filler words like these and others such 'umm or uh' signify ambiguity and leave a negative image of yours in the interviewer's mind. Take time to answer a question if you are not sure what to say but avoid making use of filler words.  


'Sure' is one of the most commonly used word in our daily informal conversations. Its use has become so frequent that it has almost become synonymous with communicating an 'almost yes'. But the point to be noted is the word 'almost.' When you say 'sure', you are communicating a vague answer. Thus, using this word in a professional setting sometimes also conveys lack of self-confidence in the speaker. Try to avoid words that convey ambiguous meanings in a professional setting as they sometimes go on to negate your personality.


There are certain words that we have become so accustomed to using that we fail to realize that they are not to be used in a certain setting. Thus, when in conversation with an interviewer it's quite common for these words to spring up. Always remember that interviewers hang on to every word you say. For example, take the word 'stuff.' It's a completely millennial word and we use it to convey almost anything. But using a word like this in the interview will lead to negative points for you. For, words like these usually convey a casual attitude with lack of seriousness in the person's personality something that no employer would want in a potential candidate.

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Swear Words

This heading might seem like a but obvious thing but as mentioned above some words have become a part of our day to day conversations that we utter them without even realizing. Job interviews may have become a little informal in comparison to the yesteryears but it still doesn't mean that you can have a casual conversation with the interviewer. You need to maintain a certain amount of professionalism in your conversation with them. Which means avoiding the use of cuss/swear words at any cost. No company approves the use of such words even in their work culture. And if you happen to make the use of them at the interview stage you might as well say goodbye to any offer from that organization.  

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Another filler word that we make great use of when talking with friends and family is 'whatever'. In a casual setting, it's still fine to use the word but when in a professional environment it's a big no. Using this word in your conversations means that you have 'given up'. And if you make use of such a word in front of the interviewer then you are projecting a negative image of yourself. Employers usually look for people who are resourceful and not someone who backs away at smallest of obstacles.

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