Are You Smart Enough? Check Your Smartness With The Famous Ames Room Optical Illusion!

This famous optical illusion image called the Ames Room Optical Illusion makes you believe that the two women in the room are of different sizes. However, the reality is far from this assumption. Read on to know more.
Ames Room Optical Illusion
Ames Room Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: This optical illusion image looks quite easy. Just look at the picture and guess which person in the image has a greater size than the other! Yes, it’s a cakewalk!


Source: VeryWell Mind

Called the Ames room illusion, this optical illusion image has taken the internet by storm. Apparently, the two women in the picture appear to be of different sizes.

The one on the left side appears to be larger in size than the lady standing at the door. Well, just like every other optical illusion image, here too, the most obvious answer isn’t the right answer!

The Common Perception

Most of us who are new to the image assumes that the lady on the left is taller than the lady on the right in the image. That’s when we get deceived. Actually, both the people in the image are of the same height.

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The Background

This image was captured in the Ames room in the Villette science museum in Paris by a visitor. The visitor then uploaded the image on a website, and that is how the world got acquainted with a new optical illusion image.

Working Of The Ames Room Illusion

What is the shape of the room in the image? Square? Wrong! It is trapezoidal in shape. The woman who looks shorter in height is in reality standing in a corner, far away from the woman who appears taller.

The concept of depth of field comes into play here. The image makes the viewer perceive that the two women are standing in the same depth of field. The woman who apparently looks taller is standing at a much greater visual angle.

Yes, such optical illusions aren’t a mere coincidence. The objects appear in a certain way in such illusions due to science-based reasons.

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