GK Questions and Answers on Hurricane

Hurricane is a large rotating storm with high speed winds that forms over warm water in tropical areas. Scientifically hurricane is known as tropical cyclone. Let us know more about hurricane in the form of questions and answers.
GK quiz on Hurricane
GK quiz on Hurricane

Tropical Cyclone is a generic term used for low pressure system that generally forms on the tropics. The cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms and high-velocity cyclonic winds.

  1. Which of the following statement is/are true about Hurricane?
    A. A hurricane is a violent storm originates over tropical or subtropical waters.
    B. It is constituted by low pressure centre, a closed low level atmospheric circulation, and strong winds.
    C. It is accompanied by a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms which produce heavy rain.
    D. All the above
    Ans. D
    Explanation: Hurricane is a whirling tropical storm that is constituted by a low-pressure centre, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms which produce heavy rain.
  2. During hurricane due to which force a whirling motion is caused?
    A. Coriolis Force
    B. Frictional Force
    C. Contact Force
    D. Gravitational Force
    Ans. A
    Explanation: The thermal origin of Hurricane acquires a whirling motion due to Coriolis force.
  3.  In Southeast Asia tropical cyclones are known as
    A. Hurricanes
    B. Cyclones
    C. Typhoons
    D. None of the above
    Ans. C
    Explanation: Tropical Cyclones have different names in different places and so in North America and in the Caribbean Sea they are known as hurricanes, in the Indian Ocean they are known as cyclones and in Southeast Asia they are known as typhoons.
  4.  The centre of the Hurricane is known as
    A. Rainbands
    B. Eye
    C. Eye wall
    D. Diameter
    Ans. B
    Explanation: Eye is the center of the Hurricane. It is an area of very low air pressure.
  5. Where tropical cyclones occur?
    A. Tropical Cyclones occur over the land near sea.
    B. Tropical cyclone occurs beside the ocean.
    C. Tropical Cyclone occurs over the ocean in areas near the equator.
    D. Tropical Cyclone occurs in the ocean near tropics.
    Ans. C
    Explanation: Tropical Cyclone occurs over the ocean in the areas near the equator because this is the area where plenty of warm water is there which allows to form storm.
  6.  Atlantic Hurricane season starts from:
    A. 1st June
    B. 1st July
    C. 1st August
    D. 1st September
    Ans. A
    Explanation: Hurricane occurs between 1st June and 30 November every year. Mainly, it forms in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. And it is also known as Hurricane season.
  7.  Hurricanes are divided into how many categories?
    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 5
    D. 6
    Ans. C
    Explanation: Hurricanes or Tropical Cyclones are categorised into 5 categories.
  8. Tropical Cyclone winds that occur from 111 to 129 mph lies in which category?
    A. Category 1
    B. Category 2
    C. Category 3
    D. Category 5
    Ans. C
    Explanation: In Category 3 the speed of the wind is from 111 to 129 mph.
  9.  When speed of wind ranges from 157 or higher mph then in which category tropical cyclone lies?
    A. Category 2
    B. Category 3
    C. Category 4
    D. category 5
    Ans. D
    Explanation: In Category 5 the speed of wind lies from 157 or higher mph.
  10. Which of the following is not correct about Hurricane or tropical Cyclone?
    A. Bonnie occurred in 1998.
    B. Gloria in 1985
    C. Labour Day in 1935
    D. Camille in 1963
    Ans. D
    Explanation: Camille is a Hurricane of Category 5 and occurred in 1969. At that time completely roof failure, several residences and industrial buildings were damaged. Floods also caused damage.
    So, now you may have come to know more about Hurricane or tropical cyclone.

What is Hurricane and how it is formed?
Do you know the difference between Tropical Cyclone and Extra-tropical Cyclone?

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