Gk Questions and Answers on the Solar System and its Planets

26-MAY-2017 16:30

    The Solar System is constituted by the Sun, 8 planets, 8 planets, 180 satellites, comets, meteors and asteroids. Scientists believe that the Sun has been formed from a moving cloud of gases, which is called Nebula. The Sun and the planets were born out of this cloud. The force of gravity has created them. For over millions of years, these balls of dust and gas are moving around the Sun. The Sun by virtue of its mass and weight, controls the movement of the planets. This force is called the force of gravity. Here, we are giving the 10 GK Questions and Answers (GK Quiz) on the Solar System and its Planets for concretising the reading of GK.


    1. Which of the following part of the Sun is visible by human?

    A. Photosphere

    B. Corona

    C. Chromospheres

    D. Core

    Ans: A

    2. Which of the following part of the Sun is visible at the time of eclipse?

    A. Photosphere

    B. Corona

    C. Chromosphere

    D. Core

    Ans: B

    3. Which is the deepest point from the sea level on the Earth?

    A. North Channel

    B. Pacific Ocean

    C. Mariana Trench

    D. Red Sea

    Ans: C

    4. What is the time taken by the light of the Sun to reach on the Earth?

    A. 8 Minute

    B. 9 Minute

    C. 7 minute 20 Second

    D. 8 Minute 18 Second

    Ans: D

    5. Which of the following is the largest planet of the Solar System according to size?

    A. Jupiter

    B. Satrun

    C. Neptune

    D. Uranus

    Ans: A

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    6. Select the correct chronology of the planet according to their size?

    I. Mercury

    II. Mars

    III. Venus

    IV. Earth


    A. IV, III, II, I

    B. I, III, II, IV

    C. I, II, III, IV

    D. IV, I, III, II

    Ans: A

    7. Which of the following planets in the Solar System takes shortest revolution?

    A. Neptune

    B. Mars

    C. Mercury

    D. Venus

    Ans: C

    8. Find the Jovial Planets among the following.

    A. Mars

    B. Earth

    C. Venus

    D. Uranus

    Ans: D

    9. Arrange the planets according to the their revolution velocity

    I. Mars

    II. Jupiter

    III. Uranus

    IV. Earth


    A. I, II, IV, II

    B. IV, I, II, III

    C. I, III, II, IV

    D. IV, III, II, I

    Ans: C

    10. Which planet in the Solar System has highest density?

    A. Earth

    B. Uranus

    C. Neptune

    D. Jupiter

    Ans: A

    In the above 10 GK Questions and Answers (GK Quiz) on the Solar System and its Planets will enhance the reading of GK.

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