Important Rulers of Rajputs

We all know about the word Rajput, it is a member of one of the patrilineal clans of central, western and northern India.
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We all know about the word Rajput, it is a member of one of the patrilineal clans of central, western and northern India. They can be found in some parts of Pakistan as well. History have witnessed so many famous and important rulers of Rajputs.

According to many sources available, Rajputs are the descendants of ruling Hindu warrior classes of North India and rose to prominence for the period from 9th to 12th centuries.

Below listed is a list of important rulers of Rajputs:-

Bappa Rawal- Known for his strong pride in his dharma and culture, BappaRawal was the 8th ruler of Gahilot dynasty. The state of Mewar was founded by him in C. 734 which is now Rajasthan currently.

Back in the 39th century of Kaliyuga, that is 8th century AD- BappaRawal fought and defeated the Arab invaders in India.

Rana Kumbha- Ranakumbha also popular as MaharanaKumbhakarna was the ruler of Mewar between AD 1433 and 1468. He belonged to the sisodia clan and was a son of RanaMokal of Mewar by his wife Sobhagya Devi. He was given the title of Hindu-suratrana by the rulers of Delhi and Gujarat.

Prithivi Raj Chauhan- Prithviraj Chauhan (c. 1168-1192) was a ruler of the Chauhan dynasty. He ruled a kingdom in the northern part of India during 12th century. He was reportedly the second last Hindu king to sit upon the throne of Delhi.  When he succeeded to the throne in C.1179, he was still a minor. During that period, he ruled from twin capitals of Ajmer and Delhi.

From the city of cities, the QilaRaiPithora in Delhi was named after him. He was really a brave soldier. But on the other part, his elopement with Sanyukta (daughter of Kannauj king Jai Chandra) was there mentioned in every possible books and is considered as one of the most romantic tales of India.

Rao Maldeo Rathore- One of the most popular rulers of Rajputs, Rao MaldeoRathore belonged from the Rathore dynasty. During the time of Sher Shah, in Marwar the Rathores were a big name and in power. Rao Maldeo had extended his territory to few hundred kilometres of Delhi even.

Rana Sanga- Also known as Sangram Singh, RanaSanga was the king of Mewar during the period between 1509 to 1527. He emerged as a big power after the power collapse in Delhi and his battles with Muslim kings of Gujarat and Malwa are legendary. The battles between Lodhis and RanaSanga too hold utter importance.

He loved his kingdom very much and he brought Mewar to the peak of prominence and prosperity.

Maharana Pratap- One of the most brave and legendary Rajput kings, MaharanaParatap and his deeds are unforgettable. MahaRanaPratap Singh had reconquered nearly all of his kingdom from the claws of Mughals. He also didn’t like the fact that many Rajput were giving their daughters to Mughals such as Akbar. He further banned all marriages of his community with these communities whom he did not consider as Rajput. He died in 1597 CE and after his death, his son Amar Singh faced continuous attacks from Mughals but he fought. He fought about 17-18 wars with the Mughals.

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