Gk Quiz on Marvel: Question and Answers on your favourite comics!

The American media and entertainment company, Marvel Comics, was widely deemed as one of the “big two” publishers in the comic industry. The Superheroes shaped American pop culture and influenced the societal scenario in vast ways.
Marvel Gk Quiz: Find Out Interesting Facts And Trivia!
Marvel Gk Quiz: Find Out Interesting Facts And Trivia!

The American media and entertainment company, Marvel Comics, was widely deemed as one of the “big two” publishers in the comic industry. The Superheroes shaped American pop culture and influenced the societal scenario in vast ways. 

Currently, Its parent company, Marvel Entertainment, is an entirely owned subsidiary of the Disney Company. 

The pulp magazine publisher Martin Goodman founded Marvel Comics in 1939 and the rest is history. Comic books were growing in popularity in the 1930'a and In order to capitalize on that Goodman created Timely Comics. 

Since the spectators were going haywire over superheroes at the time, Timely’s first comic book was Marvel Comics no. 1 which was published in the month of October.

Marvel saw impeccable success in the 1950s, known as the Silver Age of comics. In 1956 they reintroduced many superhero titles and garnered significant commercial success. 

Subsequently, Atlas changed its name to Marvel Comics in the 1960s.

Marvel Comics went into bankruptcy in 1996 due to a decline in sales but the company emerged from bankruptcy in 1998. 

In 2007 Marvel began publishing digital comics. Later in 2009, the Walt Disney Company purchased the parent company of Marvel Comics. 

Marvel Comics and the MCU have always emerged with flying colors and capes with a planet full of fans idolizing their favorite superheroes, dressing up as them in events like Comic-con, and blockbuster premieres.


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Find out how much you know of Marvel by taking this quiz and learning more facts here! 


Q1. When did Martin Goodman publish the first Marvel comic?





Ans: 1939


Q2. How many comics has Marvel released as of 2009?





Ans. 32,000


Q3. Who made the first appearance of any Marvel hero in the comics?

a. Captain America 

b. Captain Marvel

c. Human Torch

d. Spider-Man

Ans. Human Torch


Q4.  Marvel produce romance comics during which years?





Ans: 1945-1965


Q5. Marvel Comics used to be called by what title before?

a. Amalgam comics

b. Detective Comics

c. Timely Publications

d. Superhero Sundays

Ans: Timely Publications


Q6. Wakanda’s official language which is a variant of Xhosa is primarily spoken in what places? 

a. Zimbabwe and South Africa

b. Venezuela and Spain

c. India and Sri Lanka 

d. China and Singapore

Ans: Zimbabwe and South Africa


Q7. Originally, Captain America was created as propaganda for what?

a. To promote American Pop-culture

b. To promote the entrance of the U.S. in  WWII

c. To compete against DC

d. To get the rights to Marvel Comics

Ans:  Promote the entrance of the U.S in  WWII


Q8. Who was the first African American member of the avengers?

a. Falcon

b. Luke Cage 

c. War Machine 

d. Black Panther

Ans: Black Panther


Q9. Groot’s lines were recorded by whom? 

a. Vin Diesel 

b. John Cena

c. Robert Downey Jr.

d.  Stan Lee 

Ans: Vin Diesel 

Q10. Which mythology did Thor come from?

a. Greek Mythology

b. Norse Mythology 

c. Indian Mythology 

Ans. Norse Mythology 

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More Facts on Marvel 

  • In 1984, Marvel almost bought DC , during Marvel’s boom the head of Warner Communications’ publishing approached former Marvel editor Jim Shooter for licensing the publishing rights to the entire DC Comics universe but DC refused the offer and continued to publish comics Later on, to become a hit with readers as Marvel hit bankruptcy in 1996.
  • A character named Jihad was introduced eleven days before the 9-11 attack, bent on world destruction and conquest but due to the sensitivity after the historical event of 9/11, the character was written off. 
  • In the early 90s Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics because he wanted to star as Spider-Man in his version of the movie.
  • Nick fury's design reference was Samuel L. Jackson’s appearance. Later the actor secured his roles for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic films. 
  • A fan-created Venom in 1982 when Marvel Comics hosted a contest for aspiring artists. Randy Schueller submitted a concept art for a storyline that involved Spider-Man upgrading his suit to all black for stealth purposes. 
  • In 1972 when Luke Cage made his first appearance as himself in Luke Cage: Hero for Hire Issue number one Marvel became the first comic book company to give an African American his very own comic book. 
  •  Both DC and Marvel Comics shared Amalgam comics in 1996, a publishing imprint that fused publications, and superheroes such as Batman and Wolverine were fused to make the character Dark Claw, Superman, and Captain America became Super-Soldier. It went defunct in 1997.

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