Oh, what a beautiful bedroom for kids it is, but where is the guinea pig hiding in this optical illusion image?

Your bedroom says a lot about you and a lot to you. Have a look at this exciting bedroom. Hey, where did the guinea pig come from? Spot the hidden guinea pig in this image.

Every room of your house resembles a tone.

Your kitchen is the place where you cook food and beverages for the family, and thus it must have that fresh vibe.

Your kitchen shelves should be clean, the containers well-organized, and the cupboards should be well-organized.

Not only this, green room plants or flowery tiles add life to the kitchen, making you fall in love with the art of cooking.

Your bathroom is the place where you spend your most private moments and thousands of thoughts run through your mind when you take a bath, thus, the bathroom should give you that comfy, relaxed feel.

Nothing in the bathroom should be too dull or too dark so much so that they make you recall the down moments of your life.

Thus, many designers suggest the presence of bright lights that are not too bright but are soothing to the eyes.

Moreover, if the bathroom is well-ventilated and well-lit, it makes it easier for the mind to digest heavy thoughts.

The bedroom of a couple should have every aspect that makes them fall in love with each other every day.

The walls should speak the language of love. Thus, colors of love such as pink are always a go-to color for romantic bedroom setups.

Additionally, colors like yellow too never fail to add some rich vibrance.


Moreover, the right showpieces also set the tone of the room. Soothing pieces help you maintain your calm in cases of intense emotions.

And oh, how can you forget the bedroom of your tiny tots? Children’s bedrooms are actually the most happening place in your house. Every disorganized element of children’s bedrooms speaks a different story.

Dull and boring walls for the bedroom of your child are a big no. The bedroom of tiny tots must be interesting enough to keep them at home during scorching sunny days, just like in the case of the bedroom below.


Mr. John loves his children and has excellent taste in interior design. Thus, he painted the walls of the bedroom in the most exciting ways possible.


However, somehow, a guinea pig entered the bedroom from nowhere.

Help Mr. John spots the hidden guinea pig in the room before his children arrive.

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)


Could you find the guinea pig?




Well, here he is.


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Well, Mr. John is not only a loving father but also a considerate human being too. That fed the guinea pig and bid him goodbye in the kindest possible ways.

Can you find the hidden ostrich? Bonus, you get to know amazing facts about this bird!

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