Optical Illusion IQ Test: Can you find a letter hidden among the group of yellow balls within 63 seconds?

Optical Illusion IQ Test: I can see a symmetry drawn with a collection of yellow balls. Take this optical illusion challenge to test your observation skills and cognitive abilities. Hurry Up!
Solve this symmetrical Optical Illusion.
Solve this symmetrical Optical Illusion.

Solving optical illusions is a quick and accurate way to gauge intelligence. Instead of relying on mathematical equations and formulas, it puts to the test traits like creativity and keen observational skills, giving the brain the exercise it needs. As a result, mental acuity will improve, short-term memory issues will be helped, and brain cell communication will be improved. Now, get into action and find the letter hidden among the group of yellow balls.

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Can You Find the hidden letter in this Optical Illusion?

Optical illusions frequently involve excellent qualitative and quantitative approaches, they also occasionally call for unconventional observational techniques. In contrast to the image above, you need to be cognitively and visually sharp to solve this optical illusion. Yes, it is incredibly easy; all you have to do is use your brain to identify the letter in the image.

Remember, this means that a single, streamlined illusion can reveal a wealth of information about the brain's functioning and power.

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Look for the optical illusion answer here:

An optical illusion is essentially a creativity-based thinking puzzle. As a result, with each trial, your ability to think and make decisions will get better. The brain game will also aid in problem-solving and strengthening your critical intuition.

The goal for you is to spot the hidden letter in the picture. Easy, right?

But I forgot to tell you, you just have 63 seconds to judge the animal visible in the picture.




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Enough of suspense and the low-key music in the background, let’s jump to the answer.

The Optical Illusion shows an infinite number of yellow balls divided into rows and columns. And to find the hidden letter divide the image into equal parts.

Use all your brain, logical reasoning, observational power, and other skills to find all the animals in this optical illusion.

Coming back to the optical illusion…
I Am Sure You Are Done!

Well, if you are still struggling with the answer, then please have a look at the picture below to know the right answer to this optical illusion.

JagranjoshSource: Brightside.com

It was Fun, right? And to have more of these, keep a tab on JagranJosh to improve your cognitive, and problem-solving skills and memory sharpness.

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