Optical Illusion: You are a Puzzle Champion if You Can Spot Three Pigs Without Party Hats in 15 seconds

In this party optical illusion you need to spot three pigs who came to the party without party hats. You have 15 seconds to do that. Take this optical illusion challenge and test your observation skills.
Find Three Pigs Without Party Hats Optical lllusion
Find Three Pigs Without Party Hats Optical lllusion

Optical Illusion Test: Optical Illusions are known for their ability to trick our minds into believing what we see is real when it isn’t.

These are gateways to understanding the way our brain functions. Every individual has a different level of perception and optical illusions tap into that ability and test one perception level.

It is also good for our brains as it is a lightweight exercise for our brain cells. The more we indulge in such optical illusions, the more our brains and eyes become sharper and our observation skills are enhanced.

So, are you ready for a fun-filled yet challenging optical illusion challenge today?

Great, then let’s go ahead and have some light-hearted fun.

Optical Illusion - Find Three Pigs Without Party Hats in 15 Seconds

Take a look at the image below.


Image Credit: Gergely Dudás aka Dudolf


This party scene optical illusion picture is created by the Hungarian artist and illustrator Gergely Dudás aka Dudolf who is known for his mischievous fun-filled creations that challenge the viewer's perception levels.


Maintaining the same theme, Dudas has presented a challenge in which you need to find three pigs who are not wearing party hats and you have exactly 15 seconds to find them.


The first and second will be a bit easy to spot while the third one is a little challenging.

We believe that our puzzle champions will be able to spot all of the pigs easily.


Are you one of the puzzle champions?


Test your observation skills now.


Have you spotted any of the pigs yet?


Try looking carefully, we know if you look at the image it can get distracting as there are so many colourful party hats all around.


Some of the pigs are raising a toast to celebrate the party while others are happily enjoying their drink.


How many pigs have you spotted till now?


Time is getting over, please hurry up.


Need some help.


Let us give you some hints


Hint 1: Try looking at the pig who is clicking the glass with another pig.


Hint 2: Look for a pig with a 2021 flag.


Hint 3: The third pig is between pigs with red and blue party hats.


Now, how many did you spot?


Well, time’s up.


Those who were able to spot all three pigs are crowned the Puzzle Champions. Congratulations!!


Those still searching can check the solution below.


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