What is a Lockdown? Check what are the restrictions imposed during Lockdown?

Lockdown literally means; A situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area freely due to an emergency. Private and public offices, private establishments, and public transport are completely closed during Lockdown. This is a temporary arrangement to the outbreak of an epidemic.
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Lockdown scene in India
Lockdown scene in India

The whole world is working day and night to make Coronavirus vaccine, but so far no institution and country got success. The epidemic has killed around 14,698 people in 192 countries so far. Working in this direction, many countries in the world including India have announced the lockdown in some parts of the country.

Let us know the meaning of lockdown and its impact in the context of India.

Corona figures globally are as follows;

Total infected Globally: 341,815

Total dead in the world: 14,757

Recovered people in the world: 99,041

Total affected countries: 192

Total Cases in China: 81,093

Most deaths in a country: 5,476 (Italy)

Total infected in India: 425

Total deaths in India: 8

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area freely because of an emergency. This is a temporary arrangement due to the outbreak of COVID 19.

So, lockdown is an emergency system under which private and public offices, private establishments, and public transport are completely closed. It is a kind of temporary system adopted by the government, to increase the social distancing so that the outbreak of the COVID-19 can be checked. Lockdown is a curfew-like situation in many parts of the country.

Lockdown in India

As a precautionary measure, many states of India have announced lockdown till 31 March. The press conference organised by the Union Health Ministry said that the basic intention behind the lockdown is to increase social distancing in the country. In this way; the community-based epidemic would be checked. Although, this is a temporary arrangement.

So far, lockdown orders have been issued in more than 22 states in India. Prominent states are; Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Karnataka etc.

Many states have also sealed the borders adjacent to their districts so that any non-urgent traffic can be stopped. It means, people should have a genuine reason (as a medical emergency) to get out of their homes and territories.

However, if it is very important (eg medical emergency) then the private vehicles can also be used in lockdown. You can also call an ambulance in case of an emergency. If someone is going out without reason then the police can take action against him.

What will remain close during Lockdown in India?

1. All government and private offices, factories, shops, workshops, large stores, shopping malls, cinema halls, weekly markets, fair, and warehouses will remain closed.

2. All passenger trains of Indian railways have been closed till 31st March, but some states have said that 25% of government buses will run even in lockdown. 

3. All religious and social programs will be canceled.

4. Construction activities will be banned.

5. Ban on mass gatherings

6. A maximum of 50 people can attend a wedding in Delhi. However, people have been urged to postpone marriage.

What will remain open during Lockdown in India?

Some states have decided to continue to run 25% bus services. But apart from this, the institutions and shops providing necessity goods to the common public will remain open. These include;

1. Groceries, fruit and vegetable shops

2. LPG supply

3. Milk Supply Booth (Mother Diary etc.)

4. Hospitals and Pharmacies

5. Banks and ATMs

6. Limited public transport available

7. Telecom Services

8. E-commerce

9. Food Home-Delivery

10. Petrol pumps and CNG or LPG pumps

11. Electricity

12. Water 

13. Internet

14. Post Offices

15. Print and electronic media

16. Police Stations

17. Fire Departments

18. Jail

19. Important Government Offices

Which countries have declared Lockdown?

1. China




5. USA

6. Britain

7. France

8. Ireland

9. New Zealand



Thus, It is clear that currently, around 192 countries of the world are living in an emergency like situation. In a developed country like Italy, the situation is getting worse more than China. 

Therefore, in the time of this crisis, the Government of India appeals to all citizens of India to stop treating Corona as a joke and follow the instructions issued by the government, that is, people should stay at home and maintain the distance from the other people.

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