Who Am I Test: Are you Emotional or Logical? Take This Quiz to Know Your True Self

Do you follow your heart more than your brain? Take this 100% fun yet accurate personality test to reveal if you are more emotional or more logical.
Who Am I Test: Are you Emotional or Logical? Take This Quiz to Know Your True Self
Who Am I Test: Are you Emotional or Logical? Take This Quiz to Know Your True Self

Who Am I Test: Do you give importance to feelings over facts? Or do you let logic rule your decisions? Do you follow your heart over your head? Or do you take decisions based on facts and figures? What kind of activities do you enjoy? Your responses to different situations are based on your logical and emotional impulses. In this Who Am I Test, we have an interesting quiz that will tell if you are emotional or logical.

Who Am I Test: Are You Emotional or Logical?

Who Am I Test: Are You Emotional or Logical?

Q1. Do you find yourself overreacting or getting upset over things?

A: Yes

B: No


Q2. What activities do you enjoy?

A: Following your creative passions, practicing arts for self-expression

B: Solving logical problems, and making business decisions based on facts & figures


Q3. Which quality do you find in yourself more?

A: Empathetic

B: Intelligent


Q4. Would you take a judgment about someone based on what they show or what you feel?

A: How I feel about them

B: Based on their actions


Q5. What do you find yourself doing more often?

A: Trusting people too easily

B: Being a good judge of character


Q6. Do you empathize with people too much?

A: Yes

B: No


Q7. Do you take up tasks or launch projects as per your mood or feelings?

A: Yes

B: No

Q8. Are you easily overwhelmed by emotions or difficult situations?

A: Yes

B: No


Q9. What would you choose?

A: A good investment

B: A good-looking house


Q10. What do you trust more to make a difficult decision?

A: Trust your gut feeling

B: Consider every possible outcome, fact, figure, data

Scorecard: Are you Logical or Emotional?

If you chose Option A between 8 to 10 times, you are Emotional!

  • You tend to feel emotions strongly
  • You are easily swayed or overwhelmed by emotions
  • You may cry easily watching a sentimental movie
  • You may be empathetic toward the feelings and needs of others
  • You may be unable to speak up for yourself or sensitive to criticism
  • You may get easily affected by your external environment
  • You may find yourself anxious or worrying too much, more than general
  • You may follow your heart, feelings, and emotions more than logic
  • You may be guilty of doing the right thing than what is best for you
  • You may often get gloomy or negative thoughts
  • You may have a high level of self-awareness
  • You may at times feel helpless and hopeless

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If you chose Option B between 8 to 10 times, you are Logical!

  • You are not easily swayed or overwhelmed by emotions
  • You may be highly organized, efficient planner, methodical
  • You may enjoy solving logic-based problems, puzzle games, tech stuff
  • You will focus on analyzing a problem and solving it
  • You may be consistent and determined to achieve your goals
  • You will weigh in facts and figures when making a decision
  • You love to have a structure for your career plans or future
  • You may more often ask ‘Why?’ and look for reasoning before jumping into anything
  • You may focus on the future and not dwell on the past
  • You may be good at communicating your thoughts, however, find difficulty expressing your emotions

Tell us in comments: Are you Logical or Emotional?

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Disclaimer: Our Personality Tests', 'Know Yourself Tests', 'Hidden Power Tests' , 'Who Am I Tests' are intended to be educational to increase your awareness about yourself. These should not be considered as psychological tools to diagnose yourself or anyone else in real life.

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