CBSE Board Exam Pattern 2020 changed to make it more student friendly, says CBSE

CBSE has issued a clarification regarding the changes in CBSE Board Exam 2020 saying that it has been done to make the exams more student friendly and to reduce stress. Get complete details here.

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Updated: Aug 21, 2019 16:14 IST

CBSE Board Exam 2020 Exam Pattern: Earlier this week, CBSE released the revised exam pattern for CBSE Board Exam 2020. The new examination pattern has been met with mixed response from academic experts, students and teachers in the last few days. Following this, CBSE has issued a clarification in this regard, stating that the CBSE Board Exam 2020 pattern has been changed to make the evaluation process more student-friendly. CBSE also added that the new examination pattern which seeks to reduce the overall length of the paper is likely to reduce exam stress among the students.

CBSE Board Exam 2020 - Key Changes

Among the several changes introduced in the new CBSE Exam Pattern 2020, the main one includes introduction of internal assessment for all subjects along with practical examination of majority of subjects. In addition to this, the board also plans to reduce the overall number of questions asked for a few subjects by 30%. Moreover, CBSE is also expected to increase the number of objective type questions in the board exam along with provision for increase in the internal choices for the students within the question papers. Additionally, the Board has also introduced two level of Mathematics Exams for Class 10 students from 2020 onwards.

Objective Type Questions to need thorough study

Commenting on the increase in the number of objective type questions in the CBSE Exams 2020, board officials said that this decision will help students to undertake through study of the subject and gain conceptual knowledge instead of merely memorizing answers or rote learning. In order to solve pointed objective type questions, students will need to study subjects thoroughly and thereby it will help them improve the conceptual knowledge and base among the students. Simply put, in order to score more in objective type questions, students will need to study in detail.

Length curtailed to reduce exam stress

Furthermore, CBSE officials also said that moving away from the current practice of designing lengthy papers that require a lot of time to solve, curtailing the length of the exam paper will reduce the exam stress among the students. Students will now be focused on solving the given questions by applying the knowledge that they have gained rather than focusing on writing out answers that they have memorized within the given timeframe.

Practical / Internal Assessment for Experiential Learning

On the topic of introduction of practical exams and internal assessment, the CBSE official said that this decision was taken to help students move away from the practice of rote learning. Internal assessments will help students in developing a deeper understanding of concepts and application of that knowledge into practical manner. Internal Assessment and Practical Exams will help students gain knowledge through experiential learning processes.

Two Levels of Mathematics Exam

CBSE has also introduced two levels of Mathematics Exams for Class 10 students from Board Exam 2020 onwards i.e. Mathematics – Standard and Mathematics – Basic. The existing syllabus for Mathematics will be termed as Standard syllabus while another easier syllabus will be added under the banner of Mathematics – Basic. The examination paper for Mathematics – Basic will also be easier as compared to the standard examination. Students who fail to clear the Mathematics – Standard examination will have to option to appear for the Compartmental exam in either of the two levels.


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