LinkedIn user Shares Creative Google Dark Themed Resume To Attract Employers

LinkedIn user Aditya Sharma has created a Google Drak Themed Resume for potential employees in an attempt to make the process of job search easier. Check details here.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022 17:30 IST
Creative LinkedIn Google Format Resume
Creative LinkedIn Google Format Resume

Creative LinkedIn Resume: In a very creative take on making yourself noticeable on the job market HiCounselor Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Sharma has come up with a rather ‘out-of-the-box’ resume template. 

Understanding that fact that a normal-looking resume will not be eye-catching in such a vast pool of job hunters, this new format designed in the form of a Google Search Page is quirky but at the same time serves the purpose of giving all the information that a company would want about their prospective employee. 

The Resume resembles a Google Search Result Page with the question ‘What Does a Good Employee Look Like?’ on the top search bar followed by a ‘Did You mean: Aditya Sharma’. The Resume further mentioned the Education Qualification, Previous Work Experiences, Address, Email ID, Academic Projects, and the Bio of the candidate. 

LinkedIn Resume

Sharma who shared the resume template on LinkedIn has previously worked in companies like PwC and Deloitte. He stated that companies like Google are extremely selective during the hiring process and it is difficult to get the attention of recruiters.

Sharma in his LinkedIn post wrote that ‘Google is the dream company of many but they are extremely selective. So I have come up with a creative version of a Google Dark Theme Resume.

Internet Finds the Resume Quirky

The LinkedIn post has more than 10,000 reactions and comments. While one user called it super impressive but pointed out that the layout is confusing and suggested using the Light Theme instead.

Another user went on the say that the format was fun as long as it is a readable PDF.

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