CBSE Class 10 ICT Board Exam 2020: Check Previous Year Question Paper for Paper Pattern & Important Questions

CBSE Class 10 previous year question paper of Information & Communication Technology is available here. Download and practice this paper for the upcoming board exam.

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CBSE Class 10 Information & Communication Technology Question Paper 2019
CBSE Class 10 Information & Communication Technology Question Paper 2019

CBSE Class 10 Information and Communication Technology paper which was to be held on 20th March, 2020, will now be conducted after 31st March. For the class 10 students who will take the ICT exam, we are providing here the previous year question paper. This ICT Question Paper 2019 will be helpful to know the paper pattern and important topics for the upcoming exam. Check and download the question paper below:


Time allowed : 2.5 hours                                                               Maximum Marks : 40

General Instructions :

(i) The question paper consists of 16 questions.

(ii) All questions are compulsory. However, internal choices have been given in few questions.

Multiple Choice Questions : (Select the most appropriate answer)

1. (a) The full form of ALU is

(i) Asymmetrical and Logical Unit

(ii) Arithmetic and Longitudinal Unit

(iii) Arithmetic and Logic University

(iv) Arithmetic and Logic Unit 

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(b) ___________ utility checks for the problems on the hard disk such as bad sectors, viruses, etc.

(i) Compression

(ii) Disk Fragmentation

(iii) Scan Disk

(iv) Encryption or Decryption

(c) The correct sequence of operation is

(i) Output ® Process  ® Input

(ii) Input ® Process ® Output

(iii) Process ® Input ® Output

(iv) Input ® Output ® Process

(d) In GIMP, to add a new layer to the image which is an identical copy of the active layer we use 

(i) Layer ® Copy Layer

(ii) Layer ® New Layer

(iii) Layer ® Duplicate Layer

(iv) Layer ® Next Layer

(e) ____________ is a copyrighted software, shared on a trial basis for a limited period of time; afterwards user has to pay for its future usage.

(i) Shareware

(ii) Freeware

(iii) OSS

(iv) Both (i) and (ii)

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2. What is the purpose of <TH> tag?

3. Mention any two exclusive rights of a copyright owner.

4. Vinay, a beginner in the computer field, has just started learning about fundamentals of computer storage. Help him by mentioning the name of two categories of memory.

5. What is Operating System ?

6. Which type of people can be termed as Hackers?

7. Kavita, a student of Class IX, wants to learn basics of photo editing. Suggest her a suitable freely downloadable, open source software for the same, clearly mentioning any two main features of the same.

8. Shaurya, a Class X student, has just started learning about the cyber world. Suggest him any two basic cyber ethics to be followed in order to become a good cyber citizen.


What is Cyber Crime ? Mention the names of any two types of cyber crime.

9. Write the purpose of the following tools briefly :

(a) Move Tool

(b) Alignment Tool

10. Discuss the significance of HTML forms briefly.


Mention any two permissible values of type attribute of <INPUT> tag along with their respective outcomes. 

11. How is DHTML different from HTML ? Discuss briefly.

12. What is the purpose of CSS ? Write down any two main advantages of using CSS.

13. What is the purpose of font-family property of font ? Give any sample code to be inserted in external style sheet file in support of your answer.


What is the purpose of text-decoration property of font ? Give any sample code to be inserted in external style sheet file in support of your answer.

14. Ritika, a webpagedesigner in a company named Global Designers Pvt. Ltd., is designing a website in which she needs to divide a webpage into portions vertically in the proportion of 20% and 70%. She wants to display menu.html in the first portion and detail.html in the second portion. Write HTML code for the same.

15. Write HTML code to generate the following form:

Give the basic syntax of form tag. Discuss the action attribute of form tag briefly. Differentiate between Textbox field and Textarea field used in HTML forms.

16. What is the purpose of Shear tool ? Explain briefly. Also mention any three ways through which Shear tool can be used on any image.

Download the CBSE Class 10 ICT Question Paper 2019 Here

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