CBSE Class 10 Science Exam 2018: Preparation tips for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

In this article you will get preparation tips separately for all three sub-divisions of CBSE class 10 Science, i.e., for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These tips are very effective to make a good preparation for the CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam 2018, helping you score high marks.

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CBSE Class 10 Science Exam: Preparation tips
CBSE Class 10 Science Exam: Preparation tips

The CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2018 will be conducted on 16 March 2018. Students appearing CBSE class 10th Board exam this year would be much nervous and stressed due to the pressure of preparing the huge syllabus for the exams. They would be confused as how to learn complex formulae and deal with the peer pressure to score well.

The CBSE Class 10 Science mainly focuses on the three sub-divisions: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Those students who want to pursue the science stream in class XI must focus on all these three sub-divisions so as to build a strong foundation for the subject.

Here we are providing some important tips for the CBSE Class 10 Science Exam to help you prepare all three sub-divisions of Science more effectively and secure a meritorious position in the Board Exams 2018.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for Science- Physics

  • In science exam, generally direct formulae and theorem-based questions are asked from the Physics portion. So, learn all the formulae and theorems by heart.
  • Practice the numerical questions based on combination of various resistances connected either in series or parallel.
  • Practice the numerical questions based on lens and mirror formula.
  • Learn all important diagrams like AC and DC generator, set up of an electric circuit, magnetic field lines around a bar magnet and a solenoid, images formed by different mirrors and lenses, refraction by glass prism, human eye, image formation by retina of an eye both for correct and defected vision.
  • Revise the Newton’s laws and their applications.
  • Be good at deriving the equations of motion both mathematically and graphically.

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CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for Science- Chemistry:

  • Learn how to balance the chemical reactions.
  • Revise the applications of acids and bases in our daily life.
  • Learn the common names of salts (only those mentioned in CBSE syllabus), their chemical formula, preparation and uses.
  • Properly learn the nomenclature of carbon compounds containing functional groups and their main chemical properties.
  • Saponification and cleansing action of soap are other important topics to be revised.
  • Make a proper chart of important reactions involving the conversion of one compound to another.
  • Thoroughly learn the elements placed in the first and last two groups of the Modern Periodical Table. Learn to write their electronic configuration.
  • Properly learn the gradation in properties of elements both along a period and down a group.

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CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips for Science- Biology:

  • In biology there are some important diagrams like those representing the reflex action, human brain and respiratory system, reproductive organs of human male and female and various parts of a flower.
  • Thoroughly learn the Mendel’s experiments explaining inheritance of traits.
  • Biology includes some tough terminologies which can be memorised by repetitive revisions only.
  • Learn all important definitions.
  • Thoroughly revise the functions performed by the male and female reproductive organs and difference between them. Also revise the process of reproduction taking place in plants.
  • Role of DNA and its duplication during reproduction should be learnt properly.
  • Learn the various modes of response in plants.

Besides all the tips given above there are some common strategies which students must follow like reading the NCERT book thoroughly as almost the whole question paper revolves around the concepts that are given in the NCERT book and second is get a set of previous years’ question papers and solve all of them.  Following all these techniques you will surely perform excellent in the CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam 2018 and get high scores.

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