CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Solved Question Paper 2013 Set 3

Find CBSE Board Exam 2013 Class XII Mathematics Solved Question Paper (Set-3). This Mathematics Solved Question Paper 2013 will help you to get the information about the questions and the latest pattern that how questions are being framed.

Some questions from CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Question Paper (Set-3) are given here

Q. The amount of pollution content added in air in a city due to x-diesel vehicles is given by P(x)=0.005x2+0.02x2+30x. Find the marginal increase in pollution content when 3 diesel vehicles are added and write which value is indicated in the above question.

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Q. A speaks truth in 75% of the cases, while B in 90% of the cases. In what percent of cases are they likely to contradict each other in stating the same fact? Do you think that statement of B is true?

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Q. Using vectors, find the area of the triangle ABC with vertices A (1, 2, 3), B (2, -1, 4) and C (4, 5, -1).

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Q. Differentiate the following function with respect to x:

    (logx)2 + xlogx

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Q. Assume that the chances of a patient having a heart attack are 40%. Assuming that a meditation and yoga course reduces the risk of heart attack by 30% and prescription of certain drug reduces its chance by 25%. At a time a patient can choose any one of the two options with equal probabilities. It is given that after going through one of the two options, the patient selected at random suffers a heart attack. Find the probability that the patient followed a course of meditation and yoga. Interpret the result and state which of the above stated methods is more beneficial for the patient.

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