CTET: Child Developemt Questions-3

Child Development is an important section for CTET. Here, we have given 10 important questions related to this section.

CTET: Child Developemt Questions-3
CTET: Child Developemt Questions-3

Q1:  If a Learner displays individual differences. In this case, a teacher should....
(a) Provide a variety of learning experiences
(b) Enforce strict discipline
(c) Increase number of tests
(d) Insist on uniform pace of learning

Q 2: What is the principle of development ?
(a) It does not proceed at the same pace for all
(b) Development is always linear
(c) It is a discontinuous process
(d) All processes of development are not inter-connected

Q 3: What are the parts of human development?
(a) Physical, cognitive, emotional and social
(b) Emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social-psychological
(c) Psychological, cognitive, emotional and physical
(d) Physical, spiritual, cognitive and social

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Q4:  When a teacher uses a text and some pictures of vegetables and fruits and conducts a discussion with her students. After coming across the texts and pictures, the students link the details with their previous knowledge and learn the concept of nutrition. This approach is based on
(a) Classical Conditioning of learning
(b) Theory of reinforcement
(c) Operant conditioning of learning
(d) Construction of knowledge

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Q5:  What is the reason when a child starts crying when his grandmother takes him from his mother's lap?
(a) Social anxiety
(b) Emotional anxiety
(c) Stranger anxiety
(d) Separation anxiety

Q 6: What is the meaning of socialization, especially in the context of education?
(a) Creating one's own social norms
(b) Respecting elders in society
(c) Adapting and adjusting to social environment
(d) Always following social norms

Q7: If preference is given to girls for a State level solo-song competition by a school. This reflects
(a) Global trends
(b) Pragmatic approach
(c) Progressive thinking
(d) Gender bias

Q8: Vygotsky highlighted the importance of the role played by which of the following reasons in the learning of children?
(a) Hereditary
(b) Moral
(c) Physical
(d) Social

Q9: When variety of tasks are used by a teacher in order to cater to the different learning styles of her learners. She is influenced by
(a) Kohlberg's moral development theory
(b) Gardner's multiple intelligence theory
(c) Vygotsky's socio-cultural theory
(d) Piaget's cognitive development theory

Q 10: A teacher chooses not to give answers to questions herself. She encourages her students to seek answers, adopt collaborative learning and have group discussions and. This approach is based on the principle of:
(a) Proper organization of instructional material
(b) Setting a good example and being a role-model
(c) Readiness to learn
(d) Active participation

CTET Child Development & Pedagogy Practice Questions with Explanation


1: (a)
2: (a)
3: (c)
4: (d)

5: (d)

6:( c)





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