CTET: Child Developemt Questions-6

One of the most important sections of CTET exam is Child Development.By considering this, we have created 10 questions series for this section.

CTET: Child Developemt Questions-6
CTET: Child Developemt Questions-6

Q1: In order to instil a positive environment in a primary class a teacher should
(a) wish each child in the morning
(b) narrate stories with positive endings
(c) allow them to make groups on their own on the basis of sociometry during group activities.
(d) not discriminate and set the same goal for every child.

Q 2: Successful inclusion requires the following except
(a) involvement of parents
(b) capacity building
(c) sensitization
(d) segregation

Q 3: IQ scores are generally ________ correlated with academic performance.
(a) least
(b) perfectly
(c) highly
(d) moderate

Q 4: An empowering school will promote which of the following qualities the most in its teachers?
(a) tendency to experiment
(b) memory
(c) disciplined nature
(d) competitive aptitude


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Q 5: A teacher can make problem-solving fun for students by doing all the following except
(a) providing open ended material
(b) giving time for free play
(c) providing endless opportunities for creative thinking
(d) expecting perfection from the students while they are trying to do things by themselves.

Q6 : In which stage is the Physical growth is rapid
(a) Early childhood
(b) Infancy
(c) Adolescence
(d) School age

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Q7: The Stage in which the “Self Initiative Skill” of a child develops when it is let free
(a) 2-3 years
(b) First year
(c) 6th year onwards
(d) 4-6 years

Q8: An apparatus to find the span of visual attention is:
(a) Tachitoscope
(b) Telescope
(c) Learning Cards
(d) Ink Blot Test

Q9: The two factor theory of intelligence was proposed by
(a) Spearman
(b) Wechsler
(c) Piaget
(d) Binet

Q 10: The term that does not coincide with the styles of learning
(a) Oral learning
(b) Continuous learning
(c) Comparative learning
(d) Rote learning

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1: (d)

2: (d)

3: (c)

4: (d)

5: (d)

6: (b)

7: (a)

8: (a)

9: (a)

10: (d)

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