Do You Know SEBI?

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Do You Know SEBI?

  • SEBI stands for Security Exchange Board of India.
  • SEBI has been constituted as a statutory body to oversee, control and regulate the activities of the securities market, intermediaries and stock exchanges.
  • Registering and Regulating work of Stockbrokers, Share Transfer Agents, Banker to the issue, Trustees of Trust Deeds, Registrars, Merchant Bankers, Underwriters, Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisers and such intermediaries.
  • Regulating the working of mutual funds
  • Prohibits insider trading in securities

The SEBI is managed and run by the followings members:-

  • The chairman nominated by the union Government of India.
  • One member from the Reserve bank of India.
  • Two officers from Union finance ministry as members.
  • The remaining five members are chosen by the Union Government of India.

Objectives of SEBI:

• To regulate and develop a code of conduct for brokers, Underwriters etc.
• To prevent frauds and malpractices by businesses and firms.
• It protects the rights of investors and ensuring safety to their invested capital.
• The main purpose of SEB is to regulate the stock exchange activities.

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