CBSE 12th Board Exam 2020: Important Questions & Answers for English (Vista) - All Chapters

CBSE Class 12th Board Exam for English Core is due tomorrow.. To help you in the last minute revision we have created a list of Chapter-Wise important questions and answers from Vista Book of English.

Important Questions & Answers for 12th English (Vista) - All Chapters
Important Questions & Answers for 12th English (Vista) - All Chapters

CBSE Class 12th English board exam is scheduled for February 27, 2020. To pace up your last minute revision process check this list of chapter-wise sorted questions and answers which are important from the examination perspective. In this article we have covered all the chapters from the Vista Book prescribed by CBSE for English Core Syllabus.

Chapter 1 : The Third Level

Ques 1 How did 'The World' help Charley to confirm his doubts regarding the existence of a third level?

Ans: In the beginning, when Charley reached the third level, he was confused. ·

- Later on he noticed that 'the World' a popular newspaper which had stopped its publication before 1994 was still available. ·

- He saw that day’s edition of 'the World'. It was dated, June 11, 1894.

- The lead story said something about President Cleveland ·

- This confirmed that he was back in 1894

Chapter 2 : The Tiger King

Ques 1: How did the wooden tiger gifted by the Maharaja to his son prove to be fatal for himself ?

Ans: - rough surface of the wooden tiger

- with tiny sliver like quills; pierced Maharaja’s right hand

- caused infection

- surgery done but Maharaja died

Ques 2 How did the Maharaja overcome the difficulty created by a high-ranking British Officer ?

Ans: – sent fifty expensive diamond rings to officer’s wife to appease the officer

– expected her to keep one or two

– lady kept all fifty; situation defused

Ques 3 Who killed the 100th tiger ? Why ?

Ans: one of the hunters killed 100th tiger because Tiger Kind missed mark and tiger fainted – if the King found out they would have lost their job

Ques 4 What did the royal infant grow up to be?

Ans: The royal infant grew up to be the king of Pratibandapuram who was obsessed with the idea of killing one hundred tigers. By doing this he wanted to disprove the prophecy which said that his death would come from the hundredth tiger.So he killed all tigers of Pratibandapuram. He even married for the sake of this ambition.

Ques 5 What will the Maharaja do to find the required number of tigers to kill?

Ans: Maharaja wanted to kill 100 tigers but all the tigers in his province were already killed by him so he asked his dewan to find a suitable girl for him to marry so that he can kill the remaining tigers in her province.. A suitable girl for matrimonial alliance would be one who would not only come from a royal family but also belong to a state with a large tiger population. As Pratibandapuram had no more tigers left, a province that belonged to his father-in-law would certainly provide him with an opportunity to kill more tigers and reach his aim of killing 100 tigers.

Chapter 3 : Journey to the End of the Earth

(Not Important)

 Chapter 4 : The Enemy

Ques 1 Dr. Sadao planned and helped the enemy soldier to escape. Comment.

Ans: • General had promised Dr. Sadao that he would get the soldier quietly killed through his private assassins

  • but he forgot to get rid of him
  • Dr. Sadao could do nothing
  • he wanted to get rid of the wounded soldier
  • as the servants had left the house, news could spread
  • so he devised his own plan to get the soldier off to the nearby island • he managed food, clothes, water, torch and his boat for the soldier
  • he guided and instructed him • The white soldier took leave of him and followed his instructions and managed to escape safely.
  • Thus all this proves that it was the only way to get out of the dilemma/problem

Ques 2 What happened on the seventh day after Dr Sadao had typed the letter?

Ans: Two things that happened on the seventh day . ·

- The cook, the gardener and Yumi packed up their belongings and left together. But Hana put up a brave front

- The second thing that happened was the arrival of a messenger to tell Sadao that he had been called to the palace as the general was in pain again.

Ques 3 The servants of Sadao and Hana reflect a particular mindset of the general public in society towards the thinking and broad minded human beings. Elaborate with the help of the story „The Enemy”.

Ans: - servants reflect the mindset of poor, uneducated and narrow minded section of society

- are frightened on hearing about wounded American soldier

- gardener- felt soldier should die, if saved sea would take revenge - Yumi- refused to wash the wounds of enemy soldier, angry with Sadao for putting his family in danger

- cook- felt Sadeo was too proud of his skills so operated and save the enemy

- finally servants left Sadao‟s house being afraid of the repercussions of helping an enemy soldier

- could not understand Sadao‟s dilemma

Ques 4 What opinion do you form of the character of the General ?

Ans: - General self-centered

- kept Dr. Sadao at home

- neglectful of duty-did not send assassin to kill the POW

- was cruel- beat up his wife

Ques 5 What impression do you form of Dr. Sadao as a man and as a

surgeon after reading ‘The Enemy’ ?

Ans: Sadao as a man

- patriotic Japanese- loves his culture and tradition

- obedient son

- loving husband/father-concerned about Hana’s feelings, does not inform her of the assassins

- dutiful doctor-risks his life to save the POW

- compassionate human being-humanitarian 

Sadao as a surgeon

- extremely skilled ; saves life of POW with few resources and only Hana’s assistance

- personal doctor of the General-famous for researching on a technique to render wounds entirely clean

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Chapter 5 : Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Ques 1 How was the Skunk’s story different from the other stories told by Jack ?

Ans: - in all other stories, problem solved by wizard, story ends

- in skunk story problem solved but mother unhappy

- takes him back to the wizard

- hits the wizard

- skunk’s smell restored

 Ques 2 Why is Jo not happy with the ending of the story ?

Ans : - Jo wanted the story to end with the wizard hitting the mommy/ wanted Roger Skunk to get back his smell of roses

- because she has forced wizard to change smell of Roger Skunk

- She had hit him on the head first.

Ques 3 How does Jo want the story to end and why ?

Ans: - Jo wanted the story to end with the wizard hitting the mommy/ wanted Roger Skunk to get back his smell of roses

- because she has forced wizard to change smell of Roger Skunk

-She had hit him on the head first.

Ques 4 What story did Jo want to hear the next day and why? What was father‟s reaction to it?

Ans: -Jo wanted her father to tell the same story but change the ending-wizard would hit the mommy and give back the rose smell to Roger -could not bear the thought of Roger with his foul smell and without any friends -father angry with Jo for interfering in his story- refused to change the endingwants her to learn to respect parents and their decisions 

Ques 5 How did the woodland creatures react to the skunk’s new smell?

Ans: - The woodland creatures found Roger Skunk’s new smell quite pleasant. ·

- They played many games with him and gathered around him. Roger Skunk was very happy to be accepted by the other animals

 Chapter 6 : On the Face of It

Ques 1: Why does Mr. lamb say,” So you are not lost , are you ? Not altogether ?"

Ans: Derry is bitter about life and people.

  • Has no faith in the goodness of people.
  • So when he says that he likes the sound of raindrops on roof Mr Lamb comments that some humanness is still left. Life has not distorted his vision totally.

Ques 2 Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Lamb and Derry.

Ans: Mr. Lamb ·

- Very positive in his outlook. Sees the beauty in everything, including weeds. ·

- Doesn’t let physical handicap prevent him from living life to the fullest. ·

- Very friendly, opened his doors to the world. ·

- Sees that the world and people are important. ·

- Strong- doesn’t let people’s negative comments hurt him. ·

- Practical; knows one’s life is in one’s own hands. ·

- Shows understanding of Derry’s problems.

Derry ·

- Scared of meeting people as he hates seeing their fear of him and facing their rejection. ·

- Very sensitive—people’s comments hurt him deeply. ·

- Upset with parents’ over protectiveness and mother’s revulsion with his face. ·

- Defiant, rude as he is too scared to talk to people. ·

- Negative about everything – sees everything in a bad light. ·

- Indulges in self-pity over his face. ·

- Hates sympathy. · Hates the world and keeps away from it. ·

- Inner deep desire to be accepted which he hides under an abrasive exterior. ·

- Changes at the end after listening to Mr Lamb. Ready to face the world and overcome obstacles to do so. Finds courage and strength to get what he wants.

Ques 3 Optimism in one‟s attitude helps deal with all the challenges in life. Prove the statement by referring to the character Mr. Lamb from the chapter „On the Face of It‟

Ans: Derry- physically handicap(burnt face), knows he is different, has poor selfesteem, feel victimized

Mr. Lamb- physically handicap(does not have one leg) but has positive attitude, he is understanding, friendly towards people, provides confidence to Derry:

- example of bees/weeds in the garden/man afraid of death/beauty and the beast etc./children calling him Lamey Lamb/on curtains in house/attitude of „waiting, watching, listening‟

Ques 4 How did Mr. Lamb change Derry’s life ?

Ans: - Mr. Lamb’s positive influence on Derry

- changes him from a defiant, withdrawn, negative child to a more accepting and positive child

- helps him accept his deformity and overcome inferiority complex and become more confident

Ques 5 Derry’s association with Mr. Lamb brings about a welcome change

in his life. Comment.

Ans: - Mr. Lamb’s positive influence on Derry

- changes him from a defiant, withdrawn, negative child to a more accepting and positive child

- helps him accept his deformity and overcome inferiority complex and become more confident

 Chapter 7 : Evans Trues on O Level

Ques 1 Give an account of the blunders committed by the prison authorities which helped Evans in escaping from the prison

Ans: Prison authorities made many blunders.

  • They allowed the German tutor who was Evan’s accomplice to take his classes
  • Everyone assumed that he was a teacher from the technical college
  • The invigilator’s identify was also not verified • On the Examination day, Jackson’s not getting Evans’ ‘bobble-hat’ removed was a blunder • If Stephens had not shifted from the cell, the escape would not have been possible
  • Jackson should have searched McLeery thoroughly and examined the rubber ring closely
  • The prison staff blindly believed that the injured was the invigilator, though it was Evans playing a trick on them.
  • When Evans was arrested, the Governor was complacent and sent him in a prison van, leaving Evans in the hands of his own accomplices.

Ques 2 Give a detailed account of the preparations made by the Governor for Evans James to write his examination.

Ans: - to write exam. in his own cell

- parson called for invigilation - his cell‟s wing had heavy outer door and aheavy inner door

- all sharp objects including razor, nail scissors taken away by Jackson - a bug installed in cell to listen to all conversations in the cell - Stephen instructed to stand outside the cell and peep in after every two minutes

Ques 3 How does the Governor convince the Secretary that Evans deserves

to take the O-level German examination ?

 Ans: - describes Evans as a keen student

- +taking night classes/ tuitions

- -needs to be given a chance to improve

-- not a violent person

- -star at the Christmas concert

- -can take the exam in his room

Ques 4 How did the mistakes committed by the prison authorities help Evans in escaping from the prison?

Ans: · Despite knowing the fact that Evans was always breaking out of jail, the prison authorities still made many mistakes. ·

-The following were the mistakes committed by them: ·

-The validity of the German tutor not checked. ·

-Evans allowed to sit for an exam knowing he wasn’t academically inclined and not checking whether he had learnt any German at all. ·

- Letting Evans see the name of the invigilator on the form. ·

- Not taking more precautions in verifying the invigilator’s identity despite knowing Evans knew his name. ·

- Letting Evans wear the cap for good luck. ·

- Allowing McLeery to take the rubber tube inside. ·

- Not going into the cell despite seeing that Evans was just sitting there not writing at all.

- Not verifying the Governor’s phone call. ·

- Despite seeing that McLeery looked slimmer while going out, not checking him. · Appointing Stephens, a new guard, to guard Evans. ·

- Allowing Stephens to move out of the cell when Evans protested. · Letting Evans know that the cell was bugged. ·

- Letting the Examination Board phone call go through without verifying its authenticity

Ques 5 What was German Teacher’s opinion of Evan’s proficiency in German?

Ans: – German teacher doubtful of Evan’s language ability

– Evans could not even understand basic pleasantries in German

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 Chapter 8 : Memories of Childhood

Ques 1 ‘I shall cut my tuft ,crop my hair short and become an insurance agent'. Explain the context.

Ans: • The astrologer had predicted that the hundredth tiger would be the cause of Maharaja's death .

  • The Maharaja challenged the astrologer that what if he killed the hundredth tiger also.
  • At this the astrologer promised to cut his hair, burn all his books and leave the profession.

Ques 2 What were the indignities that Zitkala-Sa had to suffer for being from a marginalized community?

Ans: -tossed around like a wooden puppet

-humiliated like a coward

-was treated like an animal and noone to comfort her 

Ques 3 How did Zitkala-Sa fight against oppression ?

Ans: - wrote about the oppressive behaviour of the whites in general and her experiences in her school

- in school fought against hair being cut

- hid under a bed in a dark room

- was forcibly dragged out and hair cut

- could not forget the humiliation

Ques 3 How do Bama and her brother Annan differ in their approach to

fight discrimination against the untouchables ?

Ans: - Bama very angry with upper caste people

- says-won’t work with the upper caste people

- Brother’s attitude different-mature approach

- asked Bama to excel in her studies

- would help her escape such a situation

Ques 4 How did Zitkala-Sa fight against oppression ?

Ans: - wrote about the oppressive behaviour of the whites in general and her experiences in her school

- in school fought against hair being cut

- hid under a bed in a dark room

- was forcibly dragged out and hair cut

- could not forget the humiliation

Ques 5 According to Zitkala-Sa what does”eating by formula” means?

Ans: – fixed procedure for breakfast

– first bell to pull the chairs

– at second bell all had to sit down

– at third bell all started eating with forks and knives, she felt out of place started crying

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