5 steps to choose best references for your new job

Looking for a job reference? Take a look at these tips to ensure that choose best references for your new job.

Job references
Job references

Job references serve as a deciding factor for your hiring when it comes to narrowing down potential candidates for fulfilling the vacancy. Recruiters consider job references as the best source to enquire about your past performance and achievements. Rather than investing time in scouting your social media profile to track your behavior, they focus on retrieving relevant details about you from your past colleagues or employers.

From this it can be concluded that they are an important link in getting your selection done in the potential organization. Hence, you must choose your job references wisely. So take a look at these 5 steps to choose best references for your new job:

1. Choose people who are trustworthy

Trust is the key foundation when you provide someone else the discretion to talk about your performance and professional behavior. It has been seen that professional references provide more accurate and true information to the employers than personal ones. This indicates that you must refrain from providing details of your friend, roommate or relative as job reference.

Tip to remember: Many employers clearly mention that they need references from previous organization only. In this case provide references of those colleagues or co-workers with whom you share good rapport. They are the best point of reference to talk positively about your code of conduct.

2. Pick right references relevant to the job position

Many a times people end up providing wrong references in terms of the job position for which they apply! Refresh your list of job references and tailor the list according to the profile for which you are applying. For say, if you are applying for a job in research domain, providing a reference of a colleague belonging to finance domain won’t serve the purpose for the recruiter.

Tip to remember: Mention the credentials of only those references who can talk about your skills and qualities related to the potential job profile.

3. Seek permission of your references before sharing details

Seek permission of your references before providing their details to your potential employers. There might be some references in your list who would not wish to share their information for your job selection. Not everyone is benevolent to share and care for others. Rather than ending up with poor ref check, seek permission beforehand.

Tip to remember: Email is considered as formal mode of professional communication to seek permission of job references. But if you do not receive a speedy response in affirmation, call them before sharing their credentials.

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4. Inform your references well in advance

Never use a reference that is not prepared to receive a call in advance. Your references might consider reference check call as a hoax call and can turn down the proposal for providing relevant information. So be wary of using a reference that is not prepared to receive a call from a prospective employer. Give your references all the details of the job in which you are applying. Make sure they are aware of your best achievements.

Tip to remember: Let your references know where you’re applying. If they receive a call, they’ll recall the name of the organization and would provide relevant information to speed up the process of your hiring.

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5. Always follow up with a thank you call

Showing gratitude for the favour that your references extended is always a good idea. Include your references in the list of people towards whom you feel thankful for the job in hand. This gesture will help you seek their assistance in future as well. Research studies have proved that when you express sincere thank you, people feel motivated to extend help in future as well.  

Tip to remember: Instead of simply dropping a ‘thank you e-mail’ or a call, you can also ask your good references to meet up for a lunch or dinner. This way you will get in touch with them more intimately and will catch up on memories of old days.

Hopefully these tips will help you secure a successful job reference hunt. For more interesting stories related to job search tips, stay tuned with us @ https://www.jagranjosh.com/jobs

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