Identify Who Is Not A Real Person In This Brain Teaser.

There is an imposter among these club-goers. Test your observation skills through this brain teaser by identifying who is not a real person.
Identify Who Is Not A Real Person In This Brain Teaser
Identify Who Is Not A Real Person In This Brain Teaser

A brain teaser is a puzzle or riddle that requires logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The goal is to figure out the answer without using brute force or guessing. 

Brain teasers are often used in educational settings to improve student's critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

You don't need to be a genius to solve these puzzles. In fact, some of them are quite simple. 

This brain teaser picture puzzle falls in the latter category. 

Are you ready to solve it?

We will begin whenever you are ready. 

Shall we?

Identify Who Is Not A Real Person In This Brain Teaser. 

You can see pretty normal humans in a club. 

However, one of these things is not like the other, and in this case, one of them is unlike the rest. 

There is a non-human present among the clubbers. 

Can you find the non-human here?


Source: Bright Side

Seems easy, right?

Let's turn this into a challenge. Set a timer to 7 seconds and find the imposter in 7 seconds or less.

Your time starts now. 

All the best! 

While you brainstorm the answers, here is a fun fact:

Solving brain teasers on a regular basis can make you smarter. How? Well, brain teasers are known to improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Also, as an added bonus, they help refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break, breaking monotony. 

The clock’s ticking!

Have you solved the brain teaser yet?

3… 2… and 1! 

Time’s up.

We are going to reveal the answer now.  

Brain Teaser Answer 

How do you distinguish a non-human from a living, breathing human?

You pay attention to their features and looks. Do they have a different skin color or backward feet?

But what if there is no distinguishing feature that separates them from humans?

You look for other things, such as whether they have a reflection or a shadow.

Yes, shadow. The way to distinguish the non-human among the club-goers is to look at everyone’s shadow. 

The non-human does not cast a shadow on the floor. 


Source: Bright Side 

The woman to the extreme right with short hair, wearing a red dress is standing barefoot. and if look closer, you will find that she does not cast a shadow on the floor. 

so, the woman in red is a non-human.

Congratulations to those who were able to find her. 

For those, who were unable to find the non-human, better luck next time!

We hope you enjoyed solving this brain teaser picture puzzle. 

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