List of all Successful Moon Missions on dark side of the Moon

Till date there are 20 moon missions have been launched successfully on the dark side of the moon by the 3 countries. Indian could have been the 4th country if Chandrayaan-2 did not fail partially. The first successful moon was Luna 2 which was launched by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on 12 September 1959. While the first successful manned mission (Apollo 11) was launched by the USA on 16 July 1969. Read this article to know the full details of all the successful moon missions.
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Moon Missions
Moon Missions

As the science is progressing the number of space missions are also increasing. Due to some technical reasons India could not get success in its Chandrayaan-2 moon mission. But this is not the end of Indian space missions. India has miles to go.

There are numerous space missions have been undertaken to study the surface and climate of the moon. The very first successful trial (Luna 2) in this direction was made by the USSR.  

Luna 2 was the first spacecraft to land on another celestial body. Luna 2 was launched on September 12, 1959 and impacted the moon on September 14, 1959.

In 1966, Luna 9 became the first spacecraft to achieve a controlled soft landing, while Luna 10 became the first mission to enter orbit.

Till date there are 6 manned missions have been conducted successfully by the USA alone. The first manned mission on the moon was Apollo- 11 launched on 16 July 1969.  

Now see the list of all the Moon Missions



Launch Date

1. Luna 2


12 Sept, 1959

2. Luna 9


31 Jan, 1966

3. Surveyor 1


30 May, 1966

4. Luna 13


21 Dec. 1966

5. Surveyor 3


17 April, 1967

6. Surveyor 5


8 Sept, 1967

7. Surveyor 6


7 Nov, 1967

8. Surveyor 7


7 Jan, 1968

9. Apollo 11 (Manned)

USA (first manned mission)

16 July, 1969

10.  Apollo 12 (Manned)


14 Nov, 1969

11. Luna 16


12 Sept, 1970

12. Luna 17


10 Sept, 1970

13. Apollo 14 (Manned)


31 Jan. 1971

14. Apollo 15 (Manned)


26 Jul. 1971

15. Luna 20


14 Feb, 1972

16. Apollo 16 (Manned)


16 April, 1972

17. Apollo 17 (Manned)


7 Dec. 1972

18. Luna 20


8 Jan. 1973

19. Chang’e 3


1 Dec. 2013

20. Chang’e 4


7 Dec. 2018

 The above list of moon mission shows that all the manned moon missions are conducted by the USA and no other country could achieve this feat so far. It is very surprising that Russia started the space race but it could not manage to send a single manned mission so far.

In total there are just three countries manage to land spacecraft on the land of the moon.  We hope that very soon India will be the fourth country that will resister its presence on the moon.

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