List of Hydroelectric Power stations in Vietnam

General Knowledge List: Following is the list of Hydroelectric Power stations in Vietnam
Created On: May 18, 2013 14:05 IST
Station Capacity (MW) Total (MW) Status
Ham Thuan - Da Mi 2x150+2x88 476 Operational
Hòa Bình Dam 8x240 1920 Operational
Trị An Hydro 400 400 Operational
Tuyên Quang Hydro 3x114 342 Operational
Thac Ba 3x36 108 Operational
A Vuong 2x105 210 Operational
Đa Nhim Hydro 4x40 160 Operational
Dai Ninh 4x2x150 1200 Operational
Quảng Trị Hydro 2x32 64 Operational
Yali Falls Dam 4x180 720 Operational
Thác Mơ Hydro 2x75 150 Operational
Can Don 2x38 76 Operational
Srokphumieng 2x25.5 51 Operational
Se San 3 2x130 260 Operational
Se San 3a 2x54 108 Operational
Se San 4 3x120 360 1 unit Operational
Buôn Kuốp 2x140 280 Operational
Buon Tuasrah 2x43 86 Operational
Song Ba Ha 2x110 220 Operational
Binh Dien 2x22 44 Operational
Ban Ve 2x160 320 1 unit Operational
Vinh Son 2x33 66 Operational
Sông Hinh Hydro 2x32 64 Operational
Pleikrong 2x50 100 1 unit Operational
ZaHung 2x15 30 Operational
Song Con 3x20 60 Operational
KrongHNang 2x32 64 On-going project
Sơn La Dam 6x400 2400 On-going project
Srepok3 2x110 220 On-going project
Srepok4 2x40 80 On-going project

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