List of Presidents of Afghanistan (1973-2021)

Afghanistan has had a troublesome history as the status of the Government ruling the place has always been in question there. With too many outside forces involved in the country as well, the land has seen many monarchs, State heads and leaders ousted and reinstated. Take a look at the list of Presidents of Afghanistan in the article below.
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Afghanistan President List
Afghanistan President List

The foundation of Afghanistan was done by the Hotak Empire in 1709. This empire was formed after Mirwais Hotak and Afghan tribes from Kandahar region ousted the Mughal and Safavid Persian rule. There were heads of state in the monarchical rule. Hussain Hotak was the last ruler of this dynasty ousted by Nadir Shah in the Siege of Kandahar. He died in 1738. 

Another war was fought and the Hotak Empire was replaced by the Durrani Afghan Empire founded by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747. Ahmad Shah Durrani is also known as the Father of the Nation in Afghanistan. He is considered to be the founder of modern Afghanistan. The Durrani empire ended with Ayub Shah Durrani in 1837.

The collapse of the Durrani empire was met with the Barakzai dynasty that founded the Emirate of Afghanistan and transformed it into the Kingdom of Afghanistan. This kingdom continued till the 1973 coup d'état, led by Mohammed Daoud Khan who established the Republic of Afghanistan and proclaimed himself the President. This Republic status lasted pleasantly till 1978 and ever since then the state has been in continuous political turmoil. 

The first ever elected President of Afghanistan was Hamid Karzai in 2004. His successor was Ashraf Ghani who escaped from the country when Taliban recaptured Kabul in 2021. Take a look at the list of Presidents in Afghanistan since the Republic came into being. 

List of Presidents of Afghanistan:




President of Republic of Afghanistan

Mohammed Daoud Khan

17 July 1973- 28 April 1978

Independent (until 1976) / National Revolutionary Party

President of Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

Colonel Abdul Qadir

28 April 1978- 30 April 1978

Peoples Democratic party

Nur Muhammad Taraki

30 April 1978 -14 Sep 1979

People’s Democratic Party

Hafizullah Amin

14 Sep 1979 -27 Dec 1979

People’s Democratic Party

Babrak Karmal

27 Dec 1979 – 24 Nov 1986

People’s Democratic Party

Haji Mohammad Chamkani

24 Nov 1986 – 30 Sep 1987


Mohammad Najibullah

30 Sep 1987- 30 Nov 1987

People’s Democratic Party

Mohammad Najibullah

30 Nov 1987 -16 April 1992

People’s Democratic Party

Abdul Rahim Hatif

16 April 1992 – 28 April 1992

Watan Party

Presidents of Islamic State of Afghanistan

Sibghatullah Mojaddedi

28 April 1992 28 -June 1992

National Liberation Front of Afghanistan

Burhanuddin Rabbani

28 June 1992 – 22 Dec 2001

Jamiat-e Islami

Presidents of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai

22 Dec 2001 – 29 Sep 2014


Ashraf Ghani

29 Sep 2014 – August 2021 (exiled)


Taliban Government in Afghanistan

Amrullah Saleh

17 August 2021- Present

Acting President

The President of Afghanistan is the commander in chief of the armed forces as well. 

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