National Cashew Day 2022: Date, History, Significance, Facts, Quotes & More About This Day

National Cashew Day is celebrated annually on 23 November in the United States of America. Let’s take an insight into its history, importance, and more.
National Cashew Day 2022
National Cashew Day 2022

National Cashew Day is observed on November 23, popularly in the United States of America. This day celebrates the most demanded nut for partying and snacking. This unofficial holiday was first observed in 2015.

Lets’ take an insight into the history, significance, and facts related to National Cashew Day.


On November 23, Americans in the United States observe National Cashew Day. It's a day to honour the gathering's favourite nut, which is renowned for its versatility and abundance of health benefits. 2015 was the first time anyone publicly displayed their adoration for the well-known nut.


Additionally, this celebration was intended to honour and commend the struggles endured by the workers on the cashew farms. On this day, you can try out various cashew recipes while giving thanks to the farmers.

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Facts related to Cashew 

  • Between 1560 and 1565, Portuguese sailors brought the tree, which originated in northern Brazil, to India.
  • The largest cashew tree in the world, according to Guinness World Records, is thought to be older than 100 years.
  • A cashew tree usually starts producing three years after it is planted, but it may take up to eight years for peak, harvestable production.
  • It contains traces of the minerals copper, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorous and is a rich source of antioxidants.
  • The "cashew apple" is a fruit that grows on cashew trees.
  • The cashew apple is used to make a fruit beverages all over the world.
  • Compared to other nuts or peanuts, cashews are less likely to cause allergic reactions.
  • The cashew plant's many parts are used for medicinal purposes.
  • If you have kidney stones or gallbladder issues, stay away from cashews because they contain oxalates, which can make your condition worse.
  • You can create lubricants, waterproofing, and weapons out of the nut's shell.

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National Cashew Day Wishes & Messages

  •  Wishing you a very Happy National Cashew Day. Always snack on these tasteful and resourceful delights to stay healthy and happy.
  • On the occasion of National Cashew Day, I wish that cashews are always there to complement your taste buds.
  • Whether you want to snack or you want to munch on something along with your drinks, cashews are truly the most amazing thing. Happy National Cashew Day.
  • Let us celebrate National Cashew Day by eating little more cashews to enjoy their great taste and to enjoy the health benefits it brings along.
  • Life is always better with healthy and flavoursome cashews by your side. Wishing you a very Happy National Cashew Day full of cashews.

National Cashew Day Quotes

  • There's almost nothing you can't do with cashew. Not only does it lend its nutty sweetness to savoury dishes, but it also gives desserts a deep richness.”-Kate Christensen
  •  “I like cashew nuts.”- Domhnall Gleeson
  • “A relative of poison ivy and poison sumac, the cashew contains the same rash-inducing chemicals, known as urushiols, as its kin.”- Kate Christensen
  • “In the case of the cashew, someone, somewhere, a long time ago determined that it had to be roasted. The cashew was once nicknamed the blister nut because if you try to eat it raw from the tree, your mouth pays the price. The cashew is not a nut, however; it's a seed.”- Kate Christensen

Do not forget to share the kidney-shaped nut this National Cashew Day with your friends and families.

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