Optical Illusion: Are You Faster Than The Cops? Spot The Criminal Hidden in the Crowd in 3 Seconds!

There is a notorious criminal hidden in the crowd. The cops can’t seem to find him, so you have to step in. Put your observation skills to the test with this fun optical illusion and spot the criminal in 3 seconds.
Optical Illusion: Are You Faster Than The Cops? Spot The Criminal Hidden in the Crowd in 3 Seconds!
Optical Illusion: Are You Faster Than The Cops? Spot The Criminal Hidden in the Crowd in 3 Seconds!

Optical Illusion: The human eye is a marvellous organ. Most of us have a pair of eyes that allow us to see and capture all the beauty in the world. The eyes are connected to the brain and convert light into electrical signals, which are then turned into the images we see.

But sometimes there is discord between the eyes and the brain. Your eyes observe something, but the brain perceives something entirely different from reality. This phenomenon often happens in optical illusions.

There are various types of optical illusions. Some trick your mind into noticing stuff that isn’t there, while others make it a hassle for you to see things right in front of you.

Today, we're here with a fun yet challenging optical illusion for you to solve. The time you take to decipher this optical illusion will reveal how well you observe and perceive things.

Are you ready to put your observation skills to the test? If not, then get ready, cause we’re about to begin.

Here we go!

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Optical Illusion: Spot The Criminal Hidden In The Crowd In 3 Seconds

Optical Illusion Spot The Hidden Criminal

Image Source: Investigation Discovery India

A notorious criminal has escaped prison and disguised himself as a civilian in the city. The cops are having trouble finding the criminal, whose only physical attribute is that he likes to wear sunglasses.

But you are a lifelong admirer of the police profession and an aspiring detective yourself. The time has come for you to show off your skills to the world.

If you spot the criminal faster than the cops, you’ll become a star detective.

But time is running out. Try to spot the criminal within 3 seconds.

Take a long, hard look at the optical illusion above and observe it deeply.

Spotted the criminal yet?

No? Don’t worry, take a few more seconds. But that’s all you’ll get.

HINT! The criminal is wearing sunglasses and is in the upper half of the image. Find him QUICK!.



Uh-oh!  Time’s Up.

The clock’s run out, and it’s time to reveal the answers.

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Spot The Criminal Optical Illusion Solution

Optical Illusion spot the criminal solved

The criminal is hidden in the middle of the image, slightly to the top right.

If you managed to spot the criminal in 3 seconds, Congratulations!

You have the eye to spot criminals in a flash, even among a crowd. That’s a key skill of a good detective, and you possess it. Keep it up and stay tuned for more such fun and challenging optical illusions.

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