Optical Illusion: Find the Gecko in 9 Seconds

Optical Illusion: There is a gecko hiding in plain sight in this picture. Can you find the gecko within 9 seconds? Attempt this optical illusion challenge now!
Find Hidden Gecko in 9 Seconds
Find Hidden Gecko in 9 Seconds

Optical Illusions: Optical illusions have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their ability to hold the attention of people and at the same time tricking minds.


The impact of optical illusions on the human brain has been studied by scientists. It is also used in the monitoring of psychological disorders such as schizophrenia.


Apart from helping in scientific research, optical illusions provide light-hearted entertainment to netizens by indulging them in seek and find quest.


These optical illusion challenges can be attempted individually or tried among a group to see who performs the best in the group.


It also helps in improving your observation skills and enhances concentration.


Ready to test your observation skills?


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Optical Illusion - Spot the Gecko in 9 Seconds


Source: Reddit


You can see a scene which looks tempting as there are so many sweet and savoury treats scattered around. You have  Snickers, Skittles, cheese balls, jolly ranchers gummies, Twix, Milk Duds and whatnot.


Do not get lost in all the treats, you have a task at hand and that is finding the gecko that is hiding in plain sight among these goodies.


Look carefully without thinking of how delicious the Snickers will taste if you manage to grab and eat one right now.


You have to find the gecko that is hiding in this image and for that, you have got 9 seconds.


So hurry up.


The clock is running fast.


The trick to solve this challenge is to scan the whole image and see if you can spot the hidden gecko among the pile of treats.


Individuals with exceptional observation skills will spot the gecko quickly, while for newbies it can take some time.


Are you a newbie or an experienced puzzler?


This challenge will suit both.


Optical Illusion: Can you find the hidden queen in 11 Seconds?


Did you spot the gecko?


Time’s up


How many of you have spotted the gecko?


Congratulations to those who have spotted the gecko, you have great observation skills.


Some of you might still be searching and scratching your head.


Well, there is no need to search further.


Just scroll below for the solution.


You can see the gecko hiding under a packet of Sour patch, peeping its head out.

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