Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden odd bunny of the group in the picture before 17 seconds!

The optical Illusion picture below is a challenge for the eagle-eyed users to spot the odd bunny out of the group in the picture within 17 seconds. Only 13% of the population has been able to spot the hidden bunny. Can you pass this optical illusion test?

Tulika Tandon
Jul 10, 2022, 11:11 IST
Optical Illusion: Spot the rabbit
Optical Illusion: Spot the rabbit

The Optical Illusion image below is a cute set of bunnies who are making faces at you. This test may make you feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights in the beginning, but if you take a closer look at the optical illusion image, you will find an odd rabbit in there asking for your help to be found. 

There are 29 bunnies to be precise and there is a similarity in all of them except one. One of the bunnies is different from all of them. Take a look at the picture for the next 17 seconds and find the odd bunny. 

Check the picture below. 

Spot the hidden rabbit

Optical Illusions occur because the brain misses the focus at times and perceives something unreal to be real. This is why we see and believe some things at times which are hard to be considered true in real life. 

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In the brain teaser here you were asked to take a look at the image of bunnies in a group. 

You can spot many bunnies with some laughing, some wearing a hat, some clutching apples and carrots alongside their pals, and some with fur markings. What you will not easily see is the odd bunny who seems to somehow lack such features. You had 17 seconds to find that bunny and those for sure have passed. 

But you cannot leave the test in between. Once the race starts it needs to be finished. To be honest, there were 13% of the players who could find the odd bunny within 10 seconds as well. 


Let us give you one hint again. The bunny is not a twin of any other bunny and seems to be in the lower rows. 

You did not spot the bunny still?

Let us tell you his exact address. The bunny situated fifth from the left on the fourth row is the odd one, as it sports a darker yellow pattern on its ears and around its nose.

You can spot the bunny in the picture below. Check the image:

Now that you have found the hidden odd bunny, you may find these optical illusion tests interesting as well.

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