DU conducts National Seminar on National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage 2022

Department of Education, Delhi University has inaugurated the first National Seminar on National Curriculum Framework Foundational Stage, 2022. The seminar was conducted in collaboration with Institute for Educational and Developmental studies.

Updated: Nov 12, 2022 19:15 IST
Delhi University NCF Seminar
Delhi University NCF Seminar

DU Seminar: Delhi University’s Department of Education (CIE) inaugurated the first National Seminar on National Curriculum Framework Foundational Stage 2022. The National Seminar is being held in collaboration with Institute for Educational and Developmental Studies (IEDS). 

The event was graced by the Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Government of India, Dr. Subhas Sarkar. Other participants at the event included representatives from institutions like NCERT, SCERT, JNU, EFLY, VBSS, etc

The university through the national seminar has brought together academicians, students, teachers, and the community at large in a common space to discuss, deliberate, and realize the essence of the National Education Policy.

NCF for Children Aged between 3 to 8

The NEP 2020 is being introduced with four National Curriculum Frameworks for Foundational, Middle, Secondary, and Higher Education stages. The policy is taking into consideration children between the age of 3 to 8 under the ‘Curricular and Pedagogical structure’ for school education. Children this age have been included in the framework due to the research conducted on early childhood care and education which highlights that the pace of brain development in these years is faster that that of the later stage of human life. 

Highlights of the Event

Dr. Sarkar highlighted the need to evoke a curriculum that nurtures the individuality of every child while also making them tolerant, empathetic citizens of tomorrow who abide by the ethos of Indian culture, spirituality, and diversity. 

The Keynote speaker for the event was Professor Anurag Behar, a Member of the Steering Committee, NCF. The event was also presided over by the Director of South Campus, Professor Prakash Singh who emphasized the need for being self-sufficient following the vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Professor Behar highlighted the key characteristics of the Framework which is scientific and research-based and socially and culturally rooted. He also highlighted the use of the simplistic language of the NCF to make it accessible and understandable to the community. 

Emphasis was also laid on the NCF Foundational stage 2020 and how it is effective, implementable, and signified ‘Care’ at the heart of the student-teacher relationship in early childhood. 

Professor Singh also spoke about the successful implementation of the Four Year integrated programme for higher education by the University of Delhi. 

Session Details

The first session of ‘Pedagogy, Approaches and Learning Outcomes’ was conducted by Professor Ranjana Arora, NCERT, Shri Govind Mahant, VBSS, and Professor Dhananjay Singh, JNU. The second session on ‘Contextualizing Content and Assessment’ was conducted by Professor K Ramachandran Member of the Steering Committee, NCF, Professor V Sudhakar, EFLU, and Professor Suniti Sanwal, NCERT as speakers. 

An open house discussion was also conducted after each session to ensure interaction and free discussions. The valedictory address was given by Professor D.K. Saklani.

The organizers of the seminar Professor Pankaj Arora, Head, Department of Education (CIE), and Professor Pradeep K. Joshi, Chairperson, IEDS, stated that the seminar was successful and ‘transformative’ on the road to implementing National Curriculum Framework Foundational Stage 2022. 

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