CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Exam 2020: Check Important Question from Chapter 7 of Geography (Lifelines of National Economy)

Check this article for important Questions and Answers from Chapter 7 of Geography for Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2020.

Check Important Question from Chapter 7 of Geography
Check Important Question from Chapter 7 of Geography

CBSE has scheduled the Class 10th Social Science Board Exam 2020 for March 18th. All the students preparing for the exam can check the important questions and answers from Chapter 7 of Geography textbook which are important from examination perspective.  You can also check links of other important resources which will be useful in your revision process.

 Ques 1 “Roadways still have an edge over railways in India” Support the statement with examples.

Ans: Roadways have edge over Railways in India:

  1. Roads are easy to build and maintain as compare to railways.
  2. Constructions cost of roads is much lower that of railway lines.
  3. Roads as compare to railways lines can negotiate higher gradients of slopes easily and as such can traverse mountains like Himalayas.
  4. Road transport is economical in transportation for people and goods for shorter distance.
  5. Roads provide door-to-door service, which railways cannot do.
  6. Road transport is also used as feeder to other modes of transport and provide a link between air, sea ports and railway stations.

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Ques 2 “Advancement of international trade of a country is an index to its economic prosperity”. Elaborate with examples


  1. Trade between two countries through sea, air or land route helps in the development of country.
  2. No country can survive without International trade.
  3. Export and Import are the component of Trade.
  4. Commodities in export- agriculture and allied products, areas and minerals, gems and jewellery etc.
  5. The commodities imported to India include Petroleum and its products, precious stores, chemicals etc.

Ques 3 What is the significance of the border roads?

Ans: Border roads are strategically important as they improve accessibility to areas like the northern and north eastern border areas which have a difficult terrain.

Ques 4 What is meant by trade? What is the difference between international and local trade?

Ans: Trade is the movement of goods and services between regions for economic gain. Trade between two or more countries is termed as international trade, while trade occurring in a region within the same country is known as local trade.

Ques 5 What is known as road density?

Ans: The length of road per 100 sq. km of area is known as density of roads. Distribution of road is not uniform in the country. Density of all roads varies from only 10 km in Jammu & Kashmir to 375 km in Kerala with the national average of 75 km.

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Ques 6 How does trade strengthen the economy of a country?


  1. Trade between nation and countries are the index to its economic prosperity
  2. It generates employment
  3.  It Helps in earning foreign exchange

Students appearing for the Class 10th Social science Exam can also check the following important links for last minute revision.

All the best to all the students appearing for CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2020!

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