Differential Calculus: Quick Revision of Formulae for IIT JEE, UPSEE & WBJEE

Find quick revision notes of Differential Calculus. This revision notes is very important for IIT JEE, UPSEE, WBJEE and other state level engineering entrance examination.

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Find quick revision notes of unit Differential Calculus. This unit includes chapters- Relation and Function, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability. This quick revision notes include important concepts and formulae from these chapters. It will prove very helpful during exam time as it will help in revising complete unit in very short duration.

Also, questions can be asked directly on the basis of formulae and concepts given in this article. It is generally seen that many questions are asked on formula basis in UPSEE and WBJEE and other state level engineering entrance examination.

Concept of Relation

Relation, Function, IIT JEE, UPSEE

IIT JEE Main 2016 Question Paper

In engineering entrance examination questions are asked from equivalence relations. You need to check whether the given relation is equivalence or not. For this you need to check the symmetricity, reflexivity and transivity of the given relation.



In examination, you may be asked whether the given function is one one or many one. So,  a clear concept about types of function is required before appearing for the examination.

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IIT JEE Main 2015 Question Paper


Limits, Algebra of Limits, IIT JEE, UPSEE, WBJEE

IIT JEE Main 2014 Question Paper

The above formulae of limit is very important during engineering entrance examination. The formulae for the expansion of the functions is also very important.

Continuity and Differentiability:

Continuity, Differentiability, IIT JEE, UPSEE, WBJEE

continuity, iit jee, upsee, wbjee

These are the important differential formulae which are used in many important question.

Differentiability, IIT JEE, UPSEE, WBJEE

Mean Value Theorem and Rolle's theorem are very important for any entrance examination.

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