Optical Illusion IQ Test: Only a genius can find the fox in the forest within 9 seconds. Are you one of them?

A fox is hiding in plain sight in this optical illusion picture. Only a genius is able to find the hidden fox in 9 seconds. Are you one of them? Go ahead and test your observation skills by attempting this optical illusion challenge now!
Find Fox in 9 Seconds
Find Fox in 9 Seconds

Optical Illusion IQ Test: Illusion is derived from the word illudere, which means to mock or trick. Therefore, the basic premise of an optical illusion is to deceive the human brain by tricking it.


Studies have suggested that optical illusions can prove helpful in understanding the workings of the human brain.


The insights derived from studies on the effect of optical illusions on the brain have helped scientists identify which areas of the brain get activated when we interact with optical illusions.


Apart from providing grounds for scientific research, optical illusions also help in releasing stress from our daily lives temporarily and also provide healthy exercise for our brains.


It is also a good way to test your observation skills.


Are you ready to test your observation skills?


Great, let’s get started.


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Optical Illusion IQ Test - Find Fox in the Forest in 9 Seconds


Source: Bright Side


You can see a forest scene in the image shared above and in this forest there is a fox that is hiding in plain sight.


The challenge for you is to find the hidden fox within 9 seconds.


If you are able to spot the fox within the time limit, you will be a record holder and will belong to a group of elite puzzle solvers. Someone we can call a genius.


If you are not able to find the fox within the time limit, do not worry, we appreciate the efforts that you made and will be providing the solution in the end.


But, in order to realise how good your observation skills are, you should not check the solution first.


That is a fair way of identifying your skill level.


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Did You Find the Fox in 9 Seconds?

The task before you is to find the hidden fox in the forest and you have 9 seconds at your disposal.


To spot the fox in the image, you need to focus your attention and scan all the areas of the image carefully.


Individuals with great observation skills will be able to spot the fox in the forest faster.


Have you spotted the fox?


Hurry up; time is running out.


Look again, the fox may be right in front of your eyes but due to the trees and greenery it has blended with the surroundings which make it difficult to spot the fox at first sight.


Half of the time is over.


You have only a few seconds remaining now.


Did you see the fox?


Tick.. Tock..








Time’s up.


Did you see the fox in the forest?


Check out the solution below.


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Find Fox in 9 Seconds - Solution

The fox is standing in line with the second tree and its coat colour matches the tree bark thereby making perfect camouflage.


Look here for the fox.



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