Optical illusions: Check these brain-teasing images that trick your eyes

This article mentions some of the famous and best optical illusions of 2022. Check what your eyes see and share among your friends and family.
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Optical illusions: Check these brain-teasing images that trick your eyes
Optical illusions: Check these brain-teasing images that trick your eyes

Optical illusions: While scrolling the phone, we often come across optical illusions and cannot stop ourselves from sharing them with our friends and family. Some optical illusions claim to reveal our personality while others put forth our secret aspirations. 

While these claims may or may not be true, we cannot deny that we enjoy every bit of these. On that note, here are some mind-boggling optical illusions. 

1- Kanizsa's Triangle 


What do you see in the above image? Two triangles intersect each other, with one having a black boundary and the other formed by three Pac-men. 

However, the triangle formed by Pac-men doesn't exist here and is simply a result of how our brains are trained to fill vacant spaces between shapes and lines. 

Furthermore, the triangle in the middle appears to be brighter than the rest, but it isn't the case either. The whole image has the same luminance suggesting that our brains store former experiences and bring them to light when we see similar shapes. 

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2- The Hermann Grid


The above image, known as Hermann Grid, is an outstanding example of how our eyes see things that in reality do not exist. 

Look at the image. What do you see? 12 black dots flashing and disappearing at the centre of each intersection. If you continue looking at the image, you'll notice these dots shifting between white and grey. 

This is believed to be caused by inhibitory processes in the retinal ganglion cells, the neurons that transmit signals from the eye to the brain.

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3- The Zollner


German astrophysicist Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner is the discoverer of the above image. The illusion claims to make a person sick and nauseous if he/she looks at it for a long period. 

The image consists of a series of black parallel lines intersected with short repeating lines. The directions of these lines alternate between horizontal and vertical. Look again. You'll notice that the black lines are not parallel and the shorter ones are on an angle to the longer ones, which is not true. 

In reality, the black lines are parallel and are not titled. The acute angles formed by the horizontal lines and the short inducing lines appear to expand. The illusion is said to be at maximum when the intersecting angle is between 10 to 30 degrees. The illusion is said to be caused by the impression of depth. 

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4- Wundt illusion


Named after its discoverer, Wilhelm Wundt - German psychologist, the above image is a geometrical optical illusion. 

If you look at the geometric image you'll notice two red and mulitple blue lines. What do the two red lines in the middle appear to you -- parallel or curved? The two red lines in the image appear to be curved inwards but are straight. This is because our eyes tend to expand acute angles, i.e., making them larger than they are. 

The aforementioned optical illusion is among those where the central aspect of a simple line image appears to be distorted by the other aspects. 

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