How to ace SNAP exam in 60 days?

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is conducted by the Symbiosis International University (SIU). SNAP 2018 will be conducted on 15th December 2019. So, here are preparation tips on how to nail SNAP in just 60 days. 

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Tips to crack SNAP in 60 days
Tips to crack SNAP in 60 days

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is conducted by the Symbiosis International University (SIU). The university conducts this entrance test for shortlisting students for admission to various Post Graduate Courses that are offered by different management affiliated to the University. SNAP is one of the most popular and sought after MBA entrance exam in the country. About 50,000 to 75,000 appear for the SNAP Entrance every year. SIU announced the SNAP exam will be conducted only  in the online mode from 2018 onwards unlike the previous years when it was conducted in both offline and online modes. Candidates who qualify the SNAP entrance test will need to appear for the GE-PIWAT process before being granted the final admission to one of the institute affiliated to the Symbiosis University.

A. Quick Tips:

  • It is important that you lay out a detailed study plan and stick to it.
  • Focus on the areas that are your strong areas. Solve questions and do practice papers of your strong topics for about 5-6 hours daily. Also keep some time to work on areas that are your weakness. But your primary focus should be to improve upon on your strong areas at this time.
  • Make sure that you have all your study material and resources (mock tests, text books, notes) in place.
  • Also, try and take as many online mock as you can to familiarize yourself with the exam day settings.  
  • Join a test series at a good coaching institute to get access to best of the mock tests and also analyze your performance against other SNAP aspirants. Do a comprehensive analysis of your performance in each of the mock tests and improve upon your mistakes in the next test.
  • Remember to pay attention to the basics, if your basics are clear than you can easily attempt majority of the questions in the paper.

B. Suggested Schedule

Week 1

  • You should make it a habit to attempt at least one mock test per day. You'll need to set aside 3 hours every day to attempt the test.
  • Attempting the tests alone is not enough and you need to follow them up with an in-depth analysis of your performance so that you have a better understanding of what areas you need to improve upon and which ones are your strength.  
  • Practice timed section wise tests apart from the full 3 hour mock tests. Attempting section-wise timed test will help you familiarize yourself to questions while also aiding in your speed and accuracy in the section.
  • SNAP exam also has a section on General Knowledge. There is no fixed syllabus for this section. Candidates must read newspapers and consume all important news material from a few months before the exam. It would also help with RC section in the exam.
  • To improve vocabulary candidates can make use of flash cards. They could easily buy a pack of flash cards from the market or make their own. Practicing with them for some time on a daily basis will help them strengthen their verbal ability and vocabulary.

Week 2

  • At this stage candidates should try to increase the number of tests attempted by them every week. One possible way is to attempt 2 mock test for 3 days every  week.
  • Go through the basics once again and make sure that you have them memorized. Having a good understanding of the basics is essential for scoring good marks in the exam.
  • Analyze your performance in the exams and try to improve upon the areas that you are lacking behind in.
  • Continue reading newspapers and other reading material that you have. Also, work on your vocab using flash cards, practice papers and text books.  

Week 3 to Week 6

  • Continue with your daily mocks tests by now you should be comfortable with the exam pattern.
  • You should have also elevated to appearing for 2 mocks tests on daily basis. The D-Day is almost near so you should focusing more and more on your studies during this period.
  • You must have fair understanding of your strengths and weakness. The areas or the topics that you are more comfortable with should be attempted first in the exam. You should be able to shortlist questions that you can attempt quickly and won't take much of your time. It will help manage your time spent per question during the exam.
  • Polish and refresh all your basics. Make sure that you revise all the important concepts to keep them at the top of your mind.

 Week 7 and Week 8

  • Now that you have brushed up all your basics, strengthened your concepts it time to now start working on retaining them
  • Don't try and learn any new concept at this time it will only lead to wastage of your time and efforts. Focus your energy on revising the concepts you have already learned. Work on areas that are your strength and polish them as much as you can.
  • Take as many mock test as possible however ensure  that you analyze each mock test you attempt. Attempting mock tests alone will not suffice so if you have to compromise on the number of mock test you attempt in order to analysis your performance do so. Analysing the mock test and implementing your learning from it is very essential.  
  • Focus on choosing questions that you know won't take much of your time. Questions that do not involve too much of date or are not too lengthy should be attempted first. Any question that will take more than 30-40 seconds of your time you should leave them for the second attempt.
  • You are all ready now, keep the last 2-3 days before the exam to relax. Try to avoid build up of stress and nervousness. Be confident of your preparation.

So, here's the all you needed to know for your preparation to nail the SNAP entrance exam. For more information about SNAP and other management entrance exams keep visiting MBA section of You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive latest updates directly in your inbox.

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