Danger Alert! Can You Spot The Leopard Hiding Among Kangaroos In This Optical Illusion?

In this optical illusion, there is a leopard hiding in plain sight in a herd of kangaroos. Can you spot it?
Danger Alert! Can You Spot The Leopard Hiding Among Kangaroos In This Optical Illusion?
Danger Alert! Can You Spot The Leopard Hiding Among Kangaroos In This Optical Illusion?

First of all, wishing you a Prosperous Diwali. 

Humans are fascinating creatures. We are the smartest animals on the planet, yet there are times when what we see right in front of us is not really there. Optical illusions are made to trick us and our minds.  

Optical Illusions are fascinating phenomena where our brain perceives something different from reality. They are often seen in nature or in art.

You must be thinking about how optical illusions work.

The human eye has two eyes, each with its own lens. These lenses focus light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye. This creates images on the retina, which then gets sent to the brain via the optic nerve.

Optical Illusions are created by manipulating the way the brain interprets information. 

Amazing, right?

We have an amazing optical illusion for you today. 

Can You Spot The Leopard Hiding Among Kangaroos In This Optical Illusion?

Look closely at the image below. Jagranjosh

Source: YouTube

In, what seems like a normal wildlife picture, you can see a herd of Kangaroos leisurely grazing the grass, some of them are even looking at the camera, getting their pictures taken. 

However, if you look closer, yes, squint your eyes, and you will find that one of the big cats, a Leopard is hiding in plain sight. 

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Your goal is to try and find the hidden big cat hiding among the Kangaroos in this optical illusion. 

One more thing, you have to set a timer to 7 seconds and find the hiding spot of the Leopard in those 7 seconds or less. 

Good Luck! 

We believe you can do this. 

Take your time, but hurry up! 

The clock’s ticking!

While you take out your glasses and magnifying lenses, here is a fun read for you. 

The Tail Of A Kangaroo Is Almost Its ‘fifth Leg’. But How?

3.. 2… and 1!

Time’s up, people.

Did you find the big cat?


Well, if you have found the big cat, Congratulations! 

For those who haven’t found the Leopard. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. 

We know that this optical illusion is hard.

However, we are willing to give you a second chance. 

Look closer. You will find it. We believe in you.

Found the leopard yet?

If your answer is yes, then great.

If not, then please do not trouble yourself anymore. 

We are going to reveal the answer now. 

Keep reading to find out where exactly the leopard has been hiding.

And drumrolls….

Optical Illusion Answer

Big cats are smart, cunning, and fast. 

The leopard is lying in ambush, waiting for the perfect time to attack the herd of Kangaroos. 

Look at the second tree to the right. You will spot the leopard. 


Amazing, right?

We hope that this optical illusion was able to exercise your brain and eyes and that you had fun with this.

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