CBSE Class 10 Social Science Geography Important Assertion Reason Questions: Board Exam 2023 Preparation

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Assertion Reason Questions: Practise the important Assertion Reason Questions given in this article from the Geography portions of Class 10 Social Science (SST). These Assertion Reason Questions are very important for scoring well in the upcoming CBSE class 10 Social Science Board Exam 2022-23.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Geography Important Assertion Reason Questions for Board Exam 2023 Preparation
CBSE Class 10 Social Science Geography Important Assertion Reason Questions for Board Exam 2023 Preparation

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Assertion Reason Questions: CBSE Class 10 Social Science board exam 2023 is scheduled to be held on 15th March, 2023. The curriculum of CBSE Social Science for 10th class consists of four units where the second unit covers Geography while the rest cover History, Economics and Political Science. In this article, we are providing Assertion Reason Questions from the second unit ‘Contemporary India-II’ of Class 10 Social Science. These are very important questions prepared specifically for the 2023 board exams.

CBSE class 10 Social Science’s second unit ‘Contemporary India-II’ has seven chapters namely, Resources and Development, Forest and Wildlife, Water Resources, Agriculture,  Minerals and Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries and Life Lines of National Economy. These seven chapters of Geography from SST carry a total weightage of 20 marks altogether. 

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Geography Important Assertion Reason Questions

DIRECTION: Mark the option which is most suitable:

(a) If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

(b) If both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

(c) If the assertion is true but the reason is false.

(d) If both assertion and reason are false.

  1. Assertion : Tourism promotes national integration.

Reason : Millions of people are directly engaged in the tourism industry.

  1. Assertion (A): Organic farming is much in vogue. 

Reason(R) : In organic farming crops are grown using high doses of chemical fertilisers and insecticides.

  1. Assertion : Depletion of forests causes a lot of danger.

Reason : Forests are vital for the quality of life and environment.

  1. Assertion : Alluvial soil is ideal for growth of paddy, wheat, cereal and pulse crops.

Reason : Alluvial soil is well-known for is capacity to hold moisture.

  1. Assertion : Land is a natural resource of utmost importance.

Reason : Land can be used for various purposes.

  1. Assertion : Forests play a key role in the ecological system.

Reason : Forests are the primary producers on which all other living beings depend.

  1. Assertion (A) Human beings interact with nature through technology and create institutions to accelerate their economic development.

Reason (R) Resources are essential for human development.

  1. Assertion: Destruction of forests and wildlife resulted into the loss of cultural diversity

Reason: The conservation of forests and wildlife is essential to provide a better quality of life.

  1. Assertion (A) Economic Development of a nation depends mainly on the richness, development and management of resources.

Reason (R) Over-population results in over-exploitation of resources.

  1. Assertion : Neglect of our environment has led to the destruction and extinction of many species of animals and plant life.

Reason : Decreasing Forest cover area is a major reason of destruction of species.

  1. Assertion : Ground water is a highly overused resource. 

Reason : Groundwater is used for domestic and drinking purpose. 

  1. Assertion : We need to conserve our forests and wildlife.

Reason : Rapid decline in wildlife population and forestry has been observed.

  1. Assertion : Water is a renewable resource. 

Reason : Freshwater is mainly obtained from surface runoff and groundwater that is continually being renewed. 

14 Assertion: Mica is a metallic mineral.

Reason : Mica mineral is the basic raw material for cement industry.

  1. Assertion : The availability of water resources varies over space and time.

Reason : Availability of water resources helps in storing water. 

  1. Assertion : Mass communication promotes national integration and provides entertainment.

Reason : It strengthens democracy in the country by providing news to the masses. They feel attached to the country and a feeling of Nationalism arises in them.

  1. Assertion : Sardar Sarovar Dam has been built over the Narmada River in Gujarat.

Reason : This is one of the largest water resource projects of India covering four states.

  1. Assertion (A): Pulses are leguminous crops 

Reason (R): These help in restoring soil fertility by fixing nitrogen from air

  1. Assertion (A): Rain water harvesting increases industrial pollution.

Reason (R): Rain water helps industry to meet water requirements.

  1. Assertion (A): Indian Farmers should diversify their cropping pattern 

Reason (R): Diversification of agriculture will increase income and reduce environmental degradation

  1. Assertion(A): India’s primary activity is Agriculture 

Reason(R): Two thirds of its population is engaged in agricultural activities

  1. Assertion : Mining activity is often called a “Killer Industry”.

Reason : Mining helps in agriculture.

  1. Assertion : Increased use of fossil fuels creates a healthy environment.

Reason : Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are easily obtained from natural . resource.

  1. Assertion (A): Textile industry occupies a unique position in Indian economy.

Reason (R): It contributes significantly to industrial production employment generation directly

  1. Assertion (A): There is a tendency for the mills to shift and concentrate in the southern and western states, especially in Maharashtra.

Reason (R): Raw material is cheaper there.

  1. Assertion (A): Air pollution is caused by the high proportion of presence of undesirable gases

Reason (R): Air pollution does not affect our health, and atmosphere as a whole.

  1. Assertion : Communication is unessential requirement of human life.

Reason : Communication between people does not create awareness.

  1. Assertion : Trade is considered as the economic barometer of the country.

Reason : Trading helps largely in developing countries like India. Advancement of trade is an index to its economic prosperity.

  1. Assertion (A) Alluvial soil is loamy and permeable.

Reason (R) It does not develop cracks in the dry hot season.

30. Assertion : Road transportation in India faces a number of problems.

Reason : Roads are unmetalled, their network is adequate.

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