Electromagnetic Induction-Important Questions & Preparation Tips

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  • State Farraday;s law for the magnitude of induced emf
  • Define induced emf, induced current and electromagnetic induction
  • State lenz’s law of electromagnetic induction
  • Dimensional formula for induced emf, mutual inductance of two coils and coefficient of self induction
  • Does lenz’s law holds for an open circuit?
  • Two factors on which the self inductance of an air-core coil depends
  • Name the quantity in electrical circuits which play the same role as inertia in mechanics
  • Explain whether an induced current will be developed in a conductor, if it is moved parallel to a magnetic field
  • A wire pointing north-south is dropped freely towards earth. Will any potential difference be induced across it’s ends?
  • If the wire kept in the east-west direction be dropped freely, then?
  • Prove that the dimensions of emf are same as those of rate of change of magnetic flux
  • The SI unit of coefficient of induction is henry. Using any defining equation for coefficient of self induction or coefficient of mutual induction, show that 1 henry = 1 ohm-second
  • Derivation of the formula V=Bvl when a straight conductor is moving in an uniform magnetic field
  • Proof of Faraday’s law by explaining the electromagnetic induction in terms of Lorentz force
  • What is coefficient of coupling?
  • Mutual inductance of two coaxial solenoids and mutual inductance of two plane coils
  • Formula for the self inductance of a long solenoid and of a plane coil
  • Calculation of self inductance in series and parallel connections
  • Detailed study of eddy current and its application
  • The magnetic flux threading a coil changes from 12 x 10-3 Wb to 6 x 10-3 Wb in 0.01 second. Calculate the induced emf
  • The magnetic flux through a coil perpendicular to its plane and directed into the paper varies with time t (in second)

                        ФB = (6t2 + 7t + 1) milliweber

Find the magnitude of the emf induced in the coil at time t= 2 second. Also find the current and its direction in the resistance R, if R = 10 Ω

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  • When the current flowing through a coil P decreases 0.50 A to 0.0 in 0.2 second, an emf of 60 volt is induced across the terminals of an adjacent coil Q. Calculate coefficient of mutual inductance of the coils P and Q
  • A conducting rod of length L with one end is rotated with uniform angular speed ώ in a vertical plane normal to a uniform magnetic field B. Find an expression for the emf induced in this rod

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  • Two coils of self inductances L1 and L2 are placed so close that the effective flux in one is completely linked with the other. Find the mutual inductance M between them

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