SSC Jobs: Social Recognition & Prestige

SSC jobs are one of the most sought after career choices for an aspirant looking for Sarkari Naukri. But apart from offering excellent pay and host of perks, central government employees also enjoy a unique social status, recognition and respect among the society. Read on to find out more about it.

Created On: Jun 20, 2016 17:45 IST
SSC Jobs: Social Recognition & Prestige
SSC Jobs: Social Recognition & Prestige

If you are an aspirant looking for Sarkari Naukri, you would already be aware of the kind and types of SSC Jobs that are on offer through the SSC CGL recruitment examination. Despite being one of the most sought after job profiles available to aspirants to become a central government employee, many are still doubtful about joining them. This is primarily due to lack of awareness about the opportunities on offer through SSC CGL Jobs and the kind of positions and associated social status and prestige that it attracts. To break this myth, we will try and look at some factors that will enhance your social standing and prestige in the society through SSC CGL Jobs.

Central Government Job

Traditionally, Sarkari Naukri at any level and position has been looked upon as a prestigious employment opportunity by the Indian society. However, being a ‘Babu’ in the Central Government Setup is the icing on the cake for any Government job aspirant. The social status attached to being an officer or employee with central government is still very strong, which acts an incentive for many aspirants.

Handsome Salary & Perks

Central Government has always been considered to be a handsome paymaster among all governmental organizations. SSC Jobs being one of the top-ranking positions within the governmental machinery are also provided the benefit of this factor. The majority of SSC Jobs fall within high bracket pay-band and attracts excellent salary. In addition to this, senior officers within the SSC CCL Job profiles like Tax auditors, inspectors, and assistants also receive perks like free health insurance, accommodation in Delhi or other major cities, host of allowances and many other benefits. All these factors add to the officer’s personal social standing in the society.

Job Security & Stability     

Job security has become a very important factor as far as employment opportunities are concerned. While job security is a common factor for all government employees, being a high ranking officer means that it is further consolidated. SSC Jobs provide excellent job security to individual officers as the system is well organized and has several checks and balances to counter any wrongdoing. Private sector employees, even at higher echelons in the organizational hierarchy are given pink slips without any notices, which will never happen to a government employee. This clearly demonstrates the kind of stability and security that central government job has to offer through SSC CCL Jobs.

Different Posts & Positions

Many students often show their aversion to SSC Jobs because they think the employment opportunities offered through this exam are at lower levels. While this statement may hold true for some posts but not all. SSC is a centralized government recruitment agency that conducts exams to pick the best candidates for different positions. The positions offered under SSC CGL exams includes high ranking profiles like Income Tax Inspectors and Enforcement officers, Ministerial assistants, Sub Inspector and many others. In short, SSC CGL exams open a host of positions to Sarkari Naukri aspirants, some of which are at high level and attract excellent administrative power and social recognition in the society.

Promotion Policy

Another important aspect that Sarkari Naukri aspirants must consider while considering SSC Jobs is the excellent promotion policy that it offers. Majority of job profiles offered through SSC exams enable candidates to become a gazetted officer through first or second promotion. The kind of respect and social prestige that a Central government gazetted officer attracts in the society is known to all.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the premise that central government employees are part of the government machinery and are in one way or other are serving and contributing to the development of this country is an incentive enough for the society to look upon you with a sense of pride and respect.