What is the difference between CBSE and UP Board?

The difference between CBSE and UP Board: Read this article to compare the similarities and differences between CBSE and UP Board. Make the best choice.


The difference between CBSE and UP Board: Which board will be the best for your kid? Which board will make your child ready for adulthood? Don’t stress! Continue reading this article about the difference between CBSE and UP Board to know the major differences between them. 

Parents get easily perplexed regarding the admissions of their little ones. Choosing the right school for their kids where they get the best teachers, best infrastructure and best facilities is their focus. In fact, the education board to which the school is affiliated is also a matter of special consideration during the admissions process.

Among the different education boards that are functioning in India, CBSE Board (Central Central Board of Secondary Education), the State Boards, the CISCE Board (Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations, more commonly known as ICSE Board), and the IB Board (International Baccalaureate), are most well known.

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Although both CBSE board and UP board, along with the other boards, have their own characteristic features, there is this persistent belief that there exists a certain board that can best prepare the kids for their life ahead as adults. 

First of all, parents have to understand that in the war of CBSE vs UP board one board isn’t the answer for every parent. None of these educational boards can be the best for all children alike. However, one of these boards can be the perfect fit for your child’s requirements. 

In this article, Jagran Josh would help you make an informed choice between CBSE  and UP Board by listing all major differences and similarities between them.

CBSE Board 


The Central Board of Secondary Education comes under the Central government of India. It was founded in 1929 (Board of High School and Intermediate Education). Later, it changed into CBSE in 1962. There are more than 24000 schools affiliated to CBSE Board in India. Schools affiliated to CBSE are present in 26 countries outside India.

UP Board


UP Board of High School and Intermediate Education is better known as Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP). It comes under the governance of the Uttar Pradesh state government. It was founded in the year 1921 and conducted its first set of exams in 1923. The number of secondary schools recognised by the UP Board is nearly 22000.

Difference Between CBSE and UP Board


CBSE Board

UP Board

Number of schools

More than 24000 schools in India and over 200 schools outside India

More than 20000 schools in Uttar Pradesh, India


Present all across India and also in 26 foreign countries

Present in 75 districts all over Uttar Pradesh

Administrative setup

The Chairman is the Chief Executive of the CBSE Board, assisted by eight Heads of Departments. The Secretary (School Education and Literacy), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India is the Controlling Authority of the Board who appoints the Chairman and Heads of Departments.

The Ex-officio Chairman is the Director of Education of Uttar Pradesh state. The Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Board is appointed by the UP government. There are a total of eight Ex-officio members. 

Medium of Instruction

English and Hindi

English and Hindi

Subject range

57 subjects of which 37 are foreign and Indian language courses

47 subjects of which 20 are Indian language courses

Exam evaluation

Annual assessments (Pen - Paper method)

Follows Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern

Latest pass percentage




The data mentioned above has been sourced from the official website of both the boards.

Based on the data seen above for CBSE vs UP Board, let’s analyse its meaning for your child, one after another.

Number of schools: Since CBSE schools outnumber the number of schools affiliated to UP Board, CBSE board is more common nationwide. 

Availability: While CBSE schools are present all over India and also outside India, UP Board schools are only located in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

So, if you are a permanent resident of UP, UP board can be your right fit. Otherwise, CBSE Board would be a right fit if there are chances that you would relocate outside the state of UP. In the latter case, your ward would have some difficulty adjusting to the environment to the patterns of a new education board elsewhere. 

Therefore, this becomes one of the most important points in the difference between CBSE and UP Board.

Administrative setup: CBSE board is under the Central government and UP Board is under the governance of the state government. Both have its own features which can be judged subjectively.

Medium of Instruction: Both the boards promote education in Hindi and English.

Subject range: CBSE has more language courses, including both Indian and foreign languages. UP Board has a lesser number of language courses, comparatively. However, UP board has many more skill based subjects in comparison to UP Board.

Exam evaluation: CBSE introduced the CCE pattern of examination, and also recently abolished it back to its annual examinations pattern with emphasis on pen paper tests. UP board of education follows the CCE pattern to this day.

Latest pass percentage: According to the latest pass percentage of class 10th in 2022, CBSE had more number of students passing their board exams than the UP board.

For more details about the data provided about the difference between CBSE and UP Board, you can visit the official website of CBSE and UPMSP

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We, at Jagran Josh, hope that this data helps you in charting your priorities and information about CBSE vs UP board. Remember that it is not a game for one education board to win but a comparison where you decide which is the better fit for your needs and aspirations for your child. 


Is syllabus for UP Board and CBSE same?

Not exactly. While there are some common subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social Science where there are commonalities, there are also many subjects that are different in both the boards. Visit the official site of both boards or read this article to know more.

Is UP Board easy than CBSE?

It depends on your preferences. To read about the boards in detail, read this article and decide for yourself.

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