IAS Prelims 2014:Why to Prepare Environmental Issues

IAS Preliminary Exam is one of the most difficult exam to clear. It is scheduled to be conducted on 24 August 2014.

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IAS Prelims is not an examination of content it is indirectly the examination of candidate’s personality and vigilance. The candidate’s perception about the happening of the events in their surroundings is required to be tested. The UPSC always mention in its notification that the candidates should be vigilant to and a keen observer of the events happening around the candidates.

Off late the Environmental issues are getting the driving seat of the developmental issues. Each and every Decision of the government is now govern by the environmental concerns. Because Environmental Protection and Sustainable development is a global Issue and the environment is not divided by the political boundaries. The environmental hazards have cross country effects and hence are big global concern. The last few years questions related to the environment are increasing in s preparation. manifolds and hence special attention is required to be paid by the candidates for it .
In addition to the traditional Sections such as History, Geography, Polity ,Economy there are around 10 to 15 number of questions related to the environmental issues. The Environmental Issues are getting a bigger share in the number of questions because 10 to 15 questions it means 10 to 15% of the IAS Prelims General Studies Paper I. The candidates who give special focus on this area will secure more marks and hence will qualify easily.

The Candidates can discuss their preparation relaated issues at IAS/PCS group of Myjosh.

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