Life at SCMHRD: A Calm before the Commotion

Campus life at SCMHRD is one topic that interests many aspirants. As an aspirant you may have researched extensively on the institute and now your main concern is the life at SCMHRD that you will have to lead. Well we have got you covered, without any further delay let us explore the B-school life at SCMHRD.

Life at SCMHRD
Life at SCMHRD

Life at SCMHRD - Established in 1993, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, is a top-tier B-school known for honing entrepreneurs and leaders. This management institute expertises in producing quality talent in different fields including Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, Management and Business Analytics and Infrastructure Development among others. Apart from pedagogy excellence, SCMHRD also focuses on furnishing its students with the latest technical capabilities required in the corporate world. This institute also offers opportunities to nurture their leadership and entrepreneurship skills through numbers of institute initiatives and student activities.

Are you an SCMHRD aspirant? You would be curious to know more about SCMHRD apart from its academic life, campus life at SCMHRD is one topic that interests many. As an aspirant, you may have researched extensively on the institute and now your main concern is the life at SCMHRD that you will have to lead. Well, we have got you covered, without any further delay let us explore the B-school life at SCMHRD.

To the New Beginning

The moment you have been waiting for all these years is finally here; you are now a part of the B-school life at SCMHRD. Leaving behind your comfort den for a place with strange faces is not an easy task, but then every other strange face you see are going through the same ‘fish out of water’ notion. This is not something you should worry about, SCMHRD makes sure each of its students is welcomed with arms open. All your doubt, apprehensions and concern will be answered in the orientation event, where the who’s who of SCMHRD will throw a light on how hectic and life-changing experience it would be at SCMHRD. In no time you will be surrounded with experienced minds from a diverse academic background including Psychology, Finance, Engineering, Chemistry and Liberal Arts among others. This is your time to shine and to put the best foot forward; campus life at SCMHRD is one experience that you cannot gauge with only classrooms activities but the life outside the classrooms.

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The Outbound Learning Experience

SCMHRD has this tradition of the outbound learning program where new students are taken to Surya Sibhir, Pune- a two-hour bus ride from the campus. You will get to witness the outbound activities spread across 2 days away from the institute amidst the lush green surrounding and beautiful hills. The two-day event will comprise of numerous activities such as trekking, team activities and chilling sessions. You will be asked to form a team and help each other to complete the tasks. The Outbound learning program is hosted by mountaineers, retired army men and physiotherapists among others. The program was not just a normal icebreaker but an opportunity to explore your potentials and test your inhibitions.

Life at SCMHRD is not only about securing admission and getting on with your lectures, but it is about these activities designed to foster learning, improve communication skills, leadership, teamwork and motivation. The program will be one of the most exhausting yet fulfilling experiences of your life.

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Life at SCMHRD: A Non-IIM and Non-IIT Life

We cannot deny the fact that IIMs & IITs have become a household name when it comes to management and engineering education in India. You too would have thought of IIMs before making it to SCMHRD, which is okay; you are now a student of SCMHRD which is a premier B-school unaccompanied by the IIM/ IIT tag. The value of your MBA is as same as that of an IIM. Just like the top B-schools, your life too would be about lectures, brainstorming sessions, deadlines struggles, post-class discussions, club activities and committee events to name a few. Everything that happens at the leading business schools happens here too. Talking about your MBA programme, industry exposures, internships, placements, live projects, knowledge materials and faculty— everything is at par with the IIMs. The only visible differentiating factor is that IIMs have this established legacy backed by the Government.

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Life Post Lectures

Life at SCMHRD isn’t limited to classrooms; it is beyond the classrooms and lectures. SCMHRD ensures you are equally active in other areas as well apart from the academic life, which is why the institute is home to several clubs/ committees and student exchange programs. Clubs such as INSPIRIT, Shapath, Management Committee, Corporate Relations Team, NEEV and Media & PR are the driving force behind SCMHRD. MBA students at the institute are open to a number of opportunities for developing a holistic vision. Student exchange program is one such opportunity that has been designed to help SCMHRD serve its purpose better and improve academic standards. Currently, the B-school has exchange programs with Berlin School of Economics and Telecom ecol de Management. Being a part of the student exchange program will broaden your academic and cultural experience.

No matter how much we write on the campus life at SCMHRD, it is you who are going to experience the B-school life at SCMHRD so make the most of it and shine on.

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