NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English: Vista Textbook - All Chapters

Get Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12th English (Vista Textbook). These detailed answers will help students in intensive learning and for scoring good marks in Class 12th Board Exams. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English: Vista Textbook - All Chapters
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English: Vista Textbook - All Chapters

Students of Class 12 can check the updated NCERT Solutions for all chapters of the English subject - Vista Textbook. These solutions have been framed by the subject experts in the exam-oriented pattern and standard language for a hundred percent understanding among all students. All the solutions have been reviewed and are in accordance with the latest CBSE marking scheme. NCERT solutions are important to track the learning of the chapter and the story explained in the textbook. NCERT Solutions for Class 12th English form a perfect resource to prepare for the board examinations in a proficient manner.

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Class 12th English (Vista Textbook) Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions 

Chapter 1: The Third Level

Chapter 2: The Tiger King

Chapter 3: Journey To the End of the Earth

Chapter 4: The Enemy

Chapter 5: Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Chapter 6: On the Face of It

Chapter 7: Evans Tries an O-level

Chapter 8: Memories of Childhood


Through these NCERT solutions, students of Class 12 can gain a detailed understanding of each chapter and the questions and answers at the end will allow them to review what they understood instantly. They would probably be much better if you decide to study the chapters before you discuss them. Essentially by using these NCERT Solutions, all the relevant principles and points in each section can be remembered instead of having to turn through each page of the book again. It is obviously very important that students go through these solutions thoroughly and also read the stories carefully.

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