Going to write a Resume? Follow this basic formula for it

Writing a Resume is an art that involves communication, word selection, promotion, structuring, and some other skills. No wonder if you make mistakes in your Resume as an unprofessional Resume writer. To ensure that your Resume is error-free, there are some basics formulas for it.

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Going to write a Resume? Follow this basic formula for it
Going to write a Resume? Follow this basic formula for it

To know what mistakes people often make when they go to write their Resumes and how to reduce them, keep the reading continue as here we have elaborately explained the basic formula for Resume writing.

Order of the elements

Generally, the interviewers or recruiters don’t spend too much time only on a Resume. In 20 to 40 seconds, they decide whether the Resume of a candidate is worthy of reading or not. The chronology of the elements that the candidates include in Resumes thus has lot to play. A chronologically well structured Resume gets the due attention of a recruiters while the Resume which aren’t well arranged are either been thrown into dustbins or been put with pile of Resumes. So, it’s therefore important for one to arrange the elements of Resumes in good chronology.  Here the order the Resumes generally flow in.

  • Name, address, and contact information like Mobile number, email-Id
  • Summary or Headline for the profile
  • Skills
  • Professional Experience, Work Experience, or Employment History
  • Qualification
  • Continuing Education, Professional Development, or Additional Training
  • Other Information


Rule of thumb which is considered as best format for Resume writing suggests for limiting the Resumes in one or two pages, but it’s not sin to use more pages if you have a lot of relevant information to share. If you have relevant information that can be described in one page then keep your Resume one pager. Try to fill at least quarter of the second page when you second page for your Resume. In has been noted that the recruiters get impressed with Resumes which they come across in one flow. So, never keep your Resume lengthy.


Apart from contents like summary, work experience, skills, and qualification, the format which one use for writing the Resume plays at large extent. Recruiter will not go to see your Resume completely if you fail to choose suitable, attractive, and attention gaining format for content you write. Use the effects such as bold or italics, uppercase, centering of text, lines, or indentations for emphasis and organization in your Resume appropriately.  If you write any heading of Resume in bold letter then keep all heading of the Resume in bold letters.

Font of Resume

It may be Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia which might catch the attention of the recruiters. Write the entire Resume, using a single font. Tahoma, Trebuchet, and Verdana might be the other good choices for Resume writing. Sometimes, the resumes are thrown into the dustbins because of the dull and unattractive font of the letters. So, to evade this, try to select an attractive and attention gaining font for your Resume.


Don’t begin writing Resume from the top of the page. Leave some white spaces at top, bottom, and both sides of the page. It can be used by the Recruiter for making notes on the page. Suppose, you send your Resume with leaving no margins on the page you have used for writing Resume. It would become hard for the recruiter who is engaged in short listing the Resumes to note down the important things which he/she find different from others candidates. So, leave margin appropriately. Here the criterion for consideration.

  • Adequate “white space” on all four sides to create a clean and readable look.
  • Space for the interviewer to make notes on the page.
  • Fitting all the content on one page (when appropriate).


As an unprofessional Resume writer, the candidates most of times make several mistakes in their Resume. They fail to decide font, format, chronology, and number of pages for their Resumes which cause not only the errors in their Resumes but also their disqualification. In this article, we have discussed and described the basics that one must know before writing a Resume.

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