CBSE Class 9 Mathematics, Heron's Formula: Important topics and questions

Read the Important topics & questions from CBSE Class 9 Mathematics chapter 12, Heron's Formula to help you make quick revisions for the Class 9 Maths Exam 2019. This collection of important topics and questions wil surely help to boost your preparation level for the exam and perform outstanding on the final day.

Created On: Jan 16, 2019 15:16 IST
Heron's Formula: Important topics and questions
Heron's Formula: Important topics and questions

With the exam just around the corner, all the students would be busy revising the whole year’s syllabus. In all the subjects, it is difficult for students to read each and every topic explained in the book. However, if you have an idea of the topics which are definite to be tested in the exam or are of most importance, then revisions become more productive. It also saves a lot of time to prepare other important stuff for the exams.

In this article, we are providing a set of important topics and questions from CBSE Class 9th Maths chapter 12, Heron's Formula. This set of important terms/topics and questions have been prepared by the subject experts to help class 9 students prepare for Class 9 Mathematics Exam 2019.

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Examination Pattern 2019

Revise the below given important terms/topics for the chapter 'Heron's Formula' and then attempt the Important Questions given in this article to assess your preparedness:

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Solved Practice Paper 2019

CBSE Class 9 Mathematics NCERT Exemplar Problems: All Chapters
CBSE Class 9 Mathematics NCERT Solutions: All chapters

Important Questions are as below:

CBSE Class 9 Maths Exam 2019: Important questions with solutions

Revise and practice writing down the steps for solving a question as the process also gains marks. Solving these questions will help you quickly identify your weak areas as well which you can work on to improve the same.

This article will provide you an idea about what type of questions will be framed for exam and from which topics. The pattern in which the question paper is set is quite different from the manner in which the course structure is defined actually. Consider the terms/questions mentioned in this article while preparing the chapter, Heron's Formula.

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