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MBA Verbal Ability Questions & Answers – Facts/ Inferences/ Judgments Set-II

Oct 13, 2016 12:41 IST

    Practice questions on Facts/ Inferences/ Judgments at MBA section of Jagranjosh.com. The multiple choice questions would help you in your preparation of various entrances like CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP etc

    Direction (1 – 10): Each question has a set of four sequentially ordered statements. Each statement can be classified as one of the following:

    • Facts (F), which deal with the pieces of information that one has heard, seen or read, and which are open to discovery or verification.

    • Inferences (I), which are conclusions drawn about unknown, on the basis of the known.

    • Judgments (J), which are opinions that imply approval or disapproval of persons, objects, situations and occurrences in the past, the present or the future.

    Select the answer option that best describes the set of four statements:


    (A) A study about bees reported that the queen goes off with about two-thirds of the worker bees to live in a new home leaving a daughter queen in the nest with the remaining worker bees. Among the bees that depart are scouts that search for the new nest site and report back using a waggle dance to advertise suitable locations.

    (B) Another form of groupthink occurs when people are either isolated from crucial sources of information or dominated by other members of the group, some of whom may have malevolent intent. This too has now been demonstrated in animals.

    (C) Animals that live in groups make two sorts of choices: consensus decisions in which the group makes a single collective choice, as when house- hunting rock ants decide where to settle; and combined decisions, such as the allocation of jobs among worker bees.

    (D) Condorcet's theory describes consensus decisions, outlining how democratic decisions tend to outperform dictatorial ones. If each member of a jury has only partial information, the majority decision is more likely to be correct than a decision arrived at by an individual juror.

    a) FIFI

    b) JJFF

    c) IFIF

    d) FFJJ

    MBA Verbal Ability Questions & Answers – Facts, Inferences, Judgments Set-I


    (A) Any country that cannot stay ahead of credit-crunched Greece is in deep trouble.

    (B) That triggered a deal on €7.16bn in emergency funding, to enable the government to pay its arrears with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its July bill from the European Central Bank (ECB).

    (C) Any hopes that the euro area would be more resilient to the global credit crisis have been firmly dashed.

    (D) Prudence is not always a virtue: the instinct to save for a rainy day seems only to harden when the rains set in.

    a) FFJJ

    b) JFJJ

    c) IIJJ

    d) FFJJ


    (A) "Hot.Cool.Yours" is one of Russia’s slogans for the Olympic games.

    (B) For the first time since 1991 global average income per head is falling. Even as growth in emerging markets has come to a halt, the rich economies look set to shrink.

    (C) Financial markets promised prosperity; instead they have brought hardship.

    (D) Does the quirkiness of the slogan have something to do with the vagaries of Russian-English translation? Yes, partially, although it sounds equally awkward in Russian and plenty of Russians were thrown for a loop by its announcement, even if they have since come to embrace it.

    a) JFJF

    b) IFIF

    c) FFJJ

    d) FIJI


    (A) Many of the varieties of arrogance and know-it-allness are left under the interacting scrutiny of scholars who were encouraged to enlarge their understanding of real problems.

    (B) Several of the patterns of impatience and impulsiveness seem modified in a situation in which each man knows that it is better to be sure, than sorry he opened his mouth too soon.

    (C) Irving Lee often said that general semantics is not something that happens to you-it is something you do. It's an operational discipline, it's something you perform.

    (D) Since Jane was at the game, she would have seen the runback on the opening kick-off.

    a) JJJJ

    b) JJFI

    c) FJJI

    d) FFJJ


    (A) Government guarantees at the same time as buying hundreds of millions of rupees-worth of bad loans from Dalaal Street is difficult politics, to say the least.

    (B) Subject matters were presented simultaneously with audio-visual stimulus and were instructed to decide whether these stimuli referred to the same object or not. Thus, we demonstrate how brain activation for audiovisual integration depends on the verbal content of the stimuli, even when stimulus and task processing differences are controlled.

    (C) This instructor will never pass more than 10 people in a Mathematics class. The last four semesters the instructor taught modern mathematics; no more than 10 people passed the class.

    (D) In the words of the writer "We're trying to develop machines that expose intelligence by transforming sound into text that carries meaning, which is a very complicated problem we're trying to solve. ... We have been solving different aspects of the problem, but it's not a simple problem."

    a) JIIF

    b) FFIJ

    c) FFFF

    d) JJII


    (A) This does not mean that United States of America should become more bourgeois.

    (B) No one can imagine that peace will come to the Middle East countries without the help of US.

    (C) Yet a political leader who understands that United States of America is not the uncontested hyper power of the 1990s. A leader who values soft power more than the hard version will bring a change for the better.

    (D) An America led by such a man will listen more carefully to and work more closely with allies and rivals, will strive harder to respect the laws it has signed up to and might enter into new commitments, for instance to tackle climate change.

    a) IIII

    b) JJJJ

    c) IIJJ

    d) JJII

    e) FFJI


    (A) Given the poor quality of service in the public sector, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus affected should be switching to private initiatives that supply anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) at a low cost.

    (B) Since 2004, the government has been supplying free drugs, and many have benefited as per the reports.

    (C) Initiatives like AIDS Care Network, would lead to availability of such rare and needed drugs.

    (D) But how ironic it is that we should face a perennial shortage of drugs when India is one of the world's largest suppliers of generic drugs to the developing world.

    a) JFIJ

    b) JIIJ

    c) IFIJ

    d) IFFJ


    (A) We should not get addicted to the flawed belief that corruption in India is caused by the dishonesty of Indians.

    (B) The fact is that India is surrounded by red tapism. It takes 89 days to start a small business in India, while in Australia it takes only two days.

    (C) This leads to corruption and falsify people's character.

    (D) The red tape procedure thus involves contact with officials, which leads to bribery and corruption.

    a) JFIF

    b) JFJJ

    c) JIJF

    d) JFJI


    (A) Lumbering our way through the tasks of living as so much of our day-to-day focus seems to be on getting things done -it can feel like a treadmill that gets you nowhere; where is the childlike joy?

    (B) We are not doing the things that make us happy; that which brings us joy; the things that we cannot wait to do because we enjoy them so much.

    (C) This is the stuff that joyful living is made of-identifying your calling and committing yourself whole- heartedly to it.

    (D) When this happens, each moment becomes a celebration of you; there is a rush of energy that comes with feeling completely immersed in doing what you love most.

    a) IIIJ

    b) IFIJ

    c) JFJJ

    d) JJJJ


    (A) According to all statistical indications, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) has managed to keep pace with its ambitious goals.

    (B) The Scheme has been a significant 'incentive for the poor for providing employment to them.

    (C) Only about 13 million got employed because of that.

    (D) The goal of equal distribution of income has to be a prerequisite for the evolution and development of our country.

    a) IIFJ

    b) JIIJ

    c) IJFJ

    d) IJFI


    Ques 1

    Ques 2

    Ques 3

    Ques 4

    Ques 5

    Ques 6

    Ques 7

    Ques 8

    Ques 9

    Ques 10












    In this section we will explain the rationale for choosing the answer pertaining to every question. After reading this description, you would be able to understand the concepts of facts/ inferences/judgements easily.

    Explanation (1): Clearly, first & third statements are facts and second & fourth statements are inferences.

    Explanation (2): Clearly, first, third and fourth statements are judgments and second statement is a fact.

    Explanation (3): Clearly, first statement is a fact; third is a judgment and 2nd & 4th are inferences.

    Explanation (4): Clearly, 1st and 2nd statements are the judgments; 3rd is a fact and 4th is an inference.

    Explanation (5): Clearly, the first statement is a judgment, fourth statement is a fact, and 2nd and 3rd statements are Inferences.

    Explanation (6): Clearly, all the four statements are judgments.

    Explanation (7): Clearly, the first and the last statements are judgments; 2nd statement is a Fact and 3rd statement is an inference

    Explanation (8): Clearly, 1st and 3rd statements are judgments; 2nd statement is a Fact and 4th statement is an inference.

    Explanation (9): Clearly, all the four statements are judgments.

    Explanation (10): Clearly, 2nd & 4th statements are judgments; first statement is an inference and 3rd statement is a Fact.

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