NCC: An extracurricular activity serving the best opportunities in future

In this article students will get to know the benefits of joining NCC as an extra curricular activity. NCC works towards the empowerment of coutry’s youth engaging them into the constructive activities that keep them away from any negative forces. Know the eligibility, training period and all here.

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Importance of NCC for school students
Importance of NCC for school students

Days are gone when the students used to stick to their school books and notes to achieve high scores with having no exposure to the real world outside the books. Today, it has become very important for every student to get indulged into the extra curricular activities which help him to experience the  the world they’re supposed to live in after completing their education. Hence, it imparts practical knowledge of the outside world to the students through the means of various competitions, making a student confident, practical and self-sufficient. These activities not only work as a stress buster but also help the students expand their mental horizons. NCC is one such activity which school students can pursue to add to their learnings and aptitude.

What is NCC?

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the Indian military cadet corps which works to inculcate the qualities of discipline and patriotism among youth of the nation. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis.  The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades.

What is the aim of NCC?

Youth is the major factor that determines the overall success rate of a nation. NCC works towards the empowerment of coutry’s youth engaging them into the constructive activities that keep them away from any negative forces which may drive the youth towards some acts like drug addiction, terrorism or robberies. NCC works for the overall betterment of the youth picked from schools and colleges so that their energy can be harnessed towards something useful for them as well as the society.

Some of the main criterias NCC works over to carve the nation builders, are stated below:

  • Developing the character, discipline , leadership, courage, secular outlook and the sprit of adventure amongst the youth of the country.
  • Training the young cadets to to adopt leadership in every sphere of life so that they are always ready to serve their nation effectively and passionately.
  • Providing a motivational environment to the youth to take up a career in the defence forces.
  • Training the youth in social service activities like aid to the administration in times of calamities, preservation of environment and ecology, blood donation campaigns, literacy programs and construction and cleanliness drives.
  • Campaigning against the social evils like dowry syatem, female foeticide, child marriage, child labour, drugs, etc, in the form of different Rallies
  • Training the youth for disaster management and relief at the time of war and epidemics

What is the benefit of joining NCC for students?

NCC not only benefits the candidates in improving their overall personality and but also puts the candidates on the priority list while being selected for a job in future.

Some prominent benefits of joining the NCC for students are listed below:

  • Candidates are given preference while admission to the top colleges and universities all across the country.
  • It will give an reflective preference in Army.
  • Candiadets get a reservation in state government jobs.
  • Candiadtes are even preferred by many private industries for different types of jobs. 
  • NCC develops all round confidence and responsibility among the cadets.

What training is provided to NCC cadets?

  • Candidates are trained in drill, shooting, physical fitness, First aid, map reading, sailing and camp training.
  • Out of the entire training period, every cadet of the Senior and Junior Division has to undergo service training for a minimum period of 75% of total hours during the annual college and school session, which is compulsory for every cadet except in the case of some medical case.
  • Every cadet during the training year to attend an annual training camp of 14 days duration in the case of Senior Division and of 10 days duration in the case of a Junior Division.

What is the eligibility required to join NCC?

(a) Candidate must be a Citizen of India.
(b) Candidate must be enrolled in an educational institution.
(d) Candidate must be physically fit to meet the prescribed medical standards.
(e) Age:

  • Junior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) - Candidates should be in class 8-10 with age limits 13-181/2
  • Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) - Candidates should be in class 10 or 1st year of graduation with maximum age limit upto 26 

(f) Enrolment Period

Junior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) - 2 years

Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) - 3 years

So dear students, in the age of cut-throat competition where you will have to compete with a number of candidates coming up with  tremendous academic scores, indulgence in some extra-curricular activity may help you stand apart from the crowd. Thus, enrolling in an extra-curricular activity like NCC, is a must and would work wonders for you in future.

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