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Candidates willing to join the NDA should go through the NDA salary 2023 as per the 7th CPC. The starting salary for NDA officers is in Level 10 Pay Scale with other perks and allowances. Get details about NDA salary structure for Army/Navy/Air Force, perks and allowances, promotion, etc 

NDA Salary 2023

NDA Salary 2023: Candidates who apply for the NDA exam to join the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force through the National Defence Academy & Naval Academy (NDA NA) exam are offered attractive payscale and allowance. There has been a good amount of increase in the NDA salary after the 7th Pay Commission. The training period of the candidates will be 3 to 4 years (varies) after which they will be sent to their respective wing academies.  Candidates who are finally appointed to join the NDA are given initial training during which they are offered great pay scale, perks and benefits. Once the training is completed, the candidates are commissioned as officers in the first Cell of Level 10. 

Upon successful completion of the training period, they will be appointed as Lieutenant. In addition to getting an excellent pay scale, the candidates are given a good amount of salary, great career growth and promotion opportunity, perks and allowances, field allowance, insurance, etc. In this post, we have shared complete information about the NDA salary, perks and allowances, pay scale and more. 

NDA Salary 2023: NDA Training

The candidates selected to join the Army, Navy and Air Force will be given training that will be done both physically and academically for a period of 3 years. The training during the first 2.5 years is common to the cadets of three wings. All the cadets on passing out will be awarded degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi as under:- 

(a) Army Cadets - B.Sc/ B.Sc (Computer)/ B.A 

(b) Naval Cadets - B. Tech Degree* 

(c) Air Force Cadets - B. Tech Degree* /B.Sc/B.Sc (Computer) 

Note*: All the cadets undergoing B.Sc/B.SC(Computer)/BA Degree programme shall be awarded degree on the successful completion of Academics, Physical and Service Training at NDA. All the cadets undergoing the B. Tech programme shall be awarded the B.Tech degree on the subsequent Pre-Commissioning Training Academies/ Institutions/ Ships/ Air Craft.

On passing out from the Academy, the Army Cadets go to the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun, Naval Cadets to Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala and Air Force cadets and Ground Duty-Non Tech streams to Air Force Academy, Hyderabad and Air Force cadets of Ground Duty–Tech stream to Air Force Technical College, Bengaluru.

The selected candidates of the Naval Academy will be given preliminary training both academic and physical, for a period of 04 years at Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala. The cadets of 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme will be awarded a B. Tech Degree on successful completion of training.

NDA Salary 2023: Stipend Amount

The candidates who join the NDA during their training period will be given Rs. 56,100 per month as a stipend amount. This amount shall be paid to all the candidates in Army, Air Force and Navy. Upon successful completion of the training period, the cadets shall be commissioned as officers and will be paid in the first Cell of Level 10. 

nda salary

Training Stipend – NDA

Stipend Amount

Stipend to Gentlemen Cadets during the entire duration of training in Service Academies i.e. during the training period at IMA.

Rs 56,100/ per month (Starting pay in Level 10)

Aspirants can check the NDA Eligibility Criteria in detail. 

Rank Wise NDA Salary Structure and Rank Pay

The candidates who join the NDA will be appointed as Lieutenant. The initial salary after one has joined the NDA as a Lieutenant after completing the course will be in level 10 with a pay scale of Rs. 56,100- Rs. 1,77,500. Thereafter, they will be promoted. The rank-wise NDA salary is given below in the table. 

NDA Rank

NDA Salary

Lieutenant to Major

Lt: Level 10 (Rs. 56,100- Rs. 1,77,500)

Captain: Level 10 B (61,300-1,93,900)

Major: Level 11 (69,400-2,07,200)

Lieutenant Colonel to Major General

Lt Col: Level 12A (1,21,200 2,12,400)

Col: Level 13 (1,30,600-2,15,900)

Brig: Level 13A (Rs. 1,39,600-2,17,600)

Major General - Level 14 (1,44,200-2,18,200)

Lieutenant General HAG Scale

Level 15 (Rs. 1, 82, 200- Rs. 2,24,100)

HAG+ Scale

Level 16 (Rs. 2,05,400 – Rs. 2,24,400)

Vice Chief of Army Staff/Army Commander/ Lieutenant General (NFSG)

Level 17 (Rs. 2,25,000) (fixed)

Chief of Army Staff

Level 18 (Rs. 2,50,000) (fixed)

Aspirants can check the NDA Syllabus in detail. 

NDA Salary 2023: Military Service Pay (MSP) Allowance

All the candidates appointed as officers through NDA will be entitled to receive Military Service Pay or MSP. The MSP is a fixed amount which is based on the recommendations made by the VI CPC and constitutes a distinct aspect of the emolument structure of the defence forces personnel. The MSP to officers is Rs. 15, 500 per month. 

Military Service Pay (MSP) to the officers from the rank of Lt. to Brig.

Rs. 15,500 pm (fixed)

Know about NDA Cut Off here. 

Perks and Allowances to NDA Officers

All the NDA officers are allowed the following perks and allowances. 

Type of Allowance to NDA Officers


Flying Allowance 

The Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to a flying allowance at Rs 25,000/- p.m

Dearness Allowance

Admissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as applied to civilian personnel from time to time

Para Allowance

Rs. 10,500 per month

Para Jump Instructor Allowance

Rs. 10,500 per month

Project Allowance

Rs. 3,400 per month

Special Forces Allowance

Rs. 25,000 per month

Technical Allowance (Tier-I)

Rs. 3,000 per month

Technical Allowance (Tier-II)

Rs. 4,500 per month

Kit maintenance Allowance

Subsumed into the newly proposed Dress Allowance of Rs. 20,000 per year

Other Allowances for NDA Officers

Other than the above-mentioned allowances, the candidates are also given the following allowances: 

- Siachen Allowance Rs 42,500/- per month.

- Uniform allowance. Rs 20,000/- per year

- Ration in Kind. In peace and Field areas

- Transport Allowance (TPTA): The transport allowance is given in the table as follows: 

Pay Level

Higher TPTA Cities (Rs. per month)

Other Places (Rs.  Per month)


Higher TPTA Cities (Rs. Per month)

Rs. 3600+DA thereon


- Children's Education Allowance. Rs. 2250/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only. CEA is admissible from Nursery to 12th Class.

- Hostel Subsidy. Rs. 6,750/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only. Hostel Subsidy is admissible from Nursery to 12th Class.

NDA Salary 2023: Field Allowance

All the NDA Officers are given field allowance as per their ranks and area of posting. 


Highly Active Field Area Allce

Field Area Allce

Modified Field Area Allce

Lt & above

Rs. 16, 900 per month

Rs. 10, 500 per month

Rs. 6,300 per month

High Altitude Allowance





Lt & above

Rs. 3,400/- pm

Rs. 5,300/- pm

Rs. 25,000/- pm

Counter Insurgency Allowance


Counter Insurgency Allce in Peace Area

Counter Insurgency Allce in Field Area

Counter Insurgency Allce in Modified Field Area

Lt & above

Rs. 10,500/- pm

Rs. 16,900/- pm 

Rs. 13,013/- pm

NDA-Monetary Benefits in Case of Mishap

In the case of the disability of a candidate, while serving in the defence forces, the candidate will be entitled to receive the following: 

  • Monthly Ex-gratia amount of INR 9,000 per month.
  • Ex-gratia disability award of INR 16,200 per month
  • Constant Attendant Allowance (CCA of INR 6, 750 per month for 100 per cent disabled on the recommendation of Invaliding Medical Board (IBM).

In case of the death of a person during the course of service as officers, the candidates will be entitled to receive the following: 

  • Ex-gratia amount of INR 12.5 lakhs to the NoK.
  • The Ex-gratia amount of INR 9,000 per month to the NoK.
  • The Ex-gratia awards to Cadets (Direct)/NoK, will be sanctioned purely on an ex-gratia basis and should not be treated as pension for any purpose.

NDA Salary: Insurance Fund Policy 

The candidates will be entitled to receive the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGI Fund). Army Group Insurance Fund provides insurance cover of Rs.15 lakh on payment of one time non-refundable premium of Rs. 7,200/- (subject to revision from time to time) by cadets from the date of joining for pre-commission training i.e. for 3 years. 

NDA: Promotion and Career Growth

Candidates who are appointed as officers through NDA have great career growth. The promotion is given as per the number of years one has served in the defence forces. 



Air Force

Criteria for promotion


Sub Lieutenant

Flying Officer

On being Commissioned



Flight Lieutenant

After 2 years of service


Lt  Commander

Squadron Leader

After 6 years of service

Lieutenant Colonel


Wing Commander

13 years of service


Captain (Selection)

Group Captain (Selection)

On Selection

Colonel (Time Scale)

Captain (Time Scale)

Group Captain (Time Scale)

26 years of service



Air Commodore

On Selection

Major General

Rear Admiral

Air Vice Marshal

On Selection

Lieutenant General

Vice Admiral

Air Marshal

On Selection



Air Chief Marshal

On Selection

NDA Salary: Retirement Benefit

Candidates will be given pension, gratuity and casualty pensionary awards in accordance with the rules in force from time to time.

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